Power surges damage, destroy appliances

Both computers and electrical equipment are affected by power surges, which occur after a power outage when there is a sudden rush of electricity into a device.

This can cause the device‘s power supply to blow or short, rendering it unusable.

Hein Bachner, IT technician at Incredible Connection, said: “We‘ve had a massive influx of customers seeking to have their computers repaired. We‘ve seen power supplies, hard drives, printers and phones all damaged due to power surges. Also the Windows operating system is affected by the power surges, causing files to become corrupted or missing.”

Gino Beaten, an IT technician with Penta Comp ZA, backed this up. “Usually the power supply goes first, and Windows files corrupt or are destroyed.

“Load-shedding has also affected our business. When the power is down we cannot sell or repair computers.”

Early Bird repair services in Newton Park has also seen a large number of customers coming in.

A representative said: “We seem to be getting more and more TVs and video machines coming in with blown power supplies. We recommend that people unplug their electrical equipment once load-shedding has occurred, thus preventing its being damaged from power surges.

“People can also use surge protectors, which help to stop the massive sudden flow of energy into the device.”

The Eskom media desk responded to The Herald‘s questions with an e-mail about how power surges can damage electrical equipment.

It said: “A power surge is an unexpected increase in the amount of voltage in a electrical line. This power surge can damage computers or devices.”

If there was a power surge and Eskom was responsible for the supply of power in that particular area, those affected had the right to approach their nearest Eskom branch and lay a claim.

Eskom would investigate each case, it said.


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Power surges damage, destroy appliances