Samsung working on 600MP camera better than the human eye

Samsung’s head of its sensor business team, Yongin Park, has issued a press release explaining how the company is trying to make an image sensor that will surpass the resolution of the human eye.

Our eyes are said to match a resolution of around 500MP, while Samsung is aiming to create a 600MP camera sensor.

Park explained that to create its latest 108MP image sensor, Samsung used its Nonacell technology, which increases the amount of light absorption that pixels are capable of.

“Compared to previous Tetracell technology which features a 2×2 array, the 3×3 pixel structure of Nonacell technology allows, for instance, nine 0.8μm pixels to function as one 2.4-μm pixel,” said Park.

This also mitigates issues often raised by low-light settings, said Park, where lighting information is often scarce.

However, Samsung wants to further improve its pixel technology to a point where the company can make a 600MP sensor.

“Samsung is proud to have been leading the small-pixel, high-resolution sensor trend that will continue through 2020 and beyond, and is prepared to ride the next wave of technological innovation with a comprehensive product portfolio that addresses the diverse needs of device manufacturers,” said Park.

“Through relentless innovation, we are determined to open up endless possibilities in pixel technologies that might even deliver image sensors that can capture more detail than the human eye.”

Sensors that go beyond our senses

Park also discussed the various use cases of sensors that operate past traditional parameters.

For example, most cameras only take pictures that are visible to the human eye – at wavelengths between 450 and 750 nanometres.

However, sensors that can detect light wavelengths outside this range can be used for various tasks, such as diagnosing skin cancer or improving quality control in industries such as agriculture.

Samsung believes that in the future, sensors may even be developed that can see microbes not visible to the naked eye.

Park also said that Samsung is looking into other types of sensors that can register smells or tastes.

“Sensors that even go beyond human senses will soon become an integral part of our daily lives, and we are excited by the potential such sensors have to make the invisible visible and help people by going beyond what our own senses are capable of,” said Park.

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Samsung working on 600MP camera better than the human eye