In conversation with Nerds On Site co-founder David Redekop

David Redekop is co-founder of Nerds On Site, an international information technology service provider.

Redekop is a cybersecurity specialist who focuses on incident response and security lapse prevention through the implementation of practical policies.

In this discussion, Redekop provides an overview of how Nerds On Site changed its business strategy during the pandemic, as well as the value of Zero Trust as a security method.

Redekop talks about how Nerds On site adapted to the lockdown restrictions, by retooling several procedures that were previously performed on-site, such as central planning, prepping, and configuring equipment.

He also speaks about how Zero Trust can help businesses to stop unwanted malicious attacks at a time when they are more reliant on online connectivity and therefore more susceptible.

“Zero Trust takes the approach to say that instead of us allowing anything by default, we disallow everything until there is a proven trust relationship,” he said.

He also explains how Zero Trust will impact security posture in the future, as well as the areas of market development he is looking forward to.

The full MyBroadband Conference interview with David Redekop is embedded below.

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In conversation with Nerds On Site co-founder David Redekop