The best business printers in 2021

Even in our increasingly digital age, paper can still form an essential part of how a business functions.

We have ranked the top printer brands according to PC Mag’s business survey for their annual Business Choice awards.

Brother stands out above all other business printer brands with an overall satisfaction rating of 8.5 out of 10, with Epson and HP in close second with 8.4 and 8.3 respectively.

1. Brother

Brother has long been one of the biggest names in the printing industry, with products ranging from light personal printers to bulk industrial printers.

Its business printer segment tops the rankings for the ease of setup, reliability, repairs and likelihood of recommendation categories, while sharing the top spot with Epson for cost to value at a rating of 8.5.

The company specialises in printers focused on producing high page-per-minute results – falling behind only to Ricoh and Xerox in this category – rather than the quality of its images.


2. Epson

Epson had the biggest boost since the previous survey, moving from 7.7 for overall satisfaction to the current 8.4.

The company is known for its bulky high-volume printers, but they also have products that provide photo quality far exceeding that of Brother, drawing with Canon at 8.0 for a shared first place in this category.

It also tops the ease of use category at 8.7.


3. HP

HP is a versatile company, manufacturing a wide range of electronics and specialising in PC hardware components, laptops, and printers.

It has been competing for top spot in the printer market for decades, and is a respected name in the industry, achieving an overall satisfaction rating of 8.3.

It is in joint first place for document/text print quality with 9.1, which is ideal for office users.


Full rankings

The tables by PC Mag’s Business Choice awards below show average customer ratings for various categories of printer performance, from setup and reliability to image quality and print speed.

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The best business printers in 2021