Gmail sending spam emails using your account?

Users of Google’s Gmail service have become irate, after it appears that spam messages sent in their name go out.

The spam messages are sent to non-Gmail users without the Gmail account holder’s knowledge or consent.

One complaint on the Google forum reads, “At no point did I say it was ok for google to send email messages to my non-gmail contacts recommending they sign up for gmail.”

The subject line of these spam emails is, “[User name] wants to chat”, and proceeds to extol the virtues of Gmail and Google Talk.

After Chris Matyszczyk of Cnet contacted Google for information regarding the issue, a Google community manager replied to the complaints on the Google forums which had previously gone unanswered.

The message was, “It sounds like you are seeing chat invite emails. These emails are generally sent when you invite a non-Gmail user to chat with you — I’ve attached a help article below. Did you invite these recipients to chat with you by clicking ‘Invite to chat’ on their name card or after typing their name into the Chat box? If not, then please let me know so that we can investigate the specifics of your case.”

Read the full story at: Cnet.

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Gmail sending spam emails using your account?