South Africa’s real tech salaries in 2024

Most technology professionals in South Africa earn well above the average take-home pay, even at the entry-level, Analytico’s latest tech salary survey has found.

Analytico conducted a salary survey in the South African tech community at the start of 2024 that received over 3,000 responses from IT professionals and executives across the sector.

Respondents from all different tech fields, experience levels and backgrounds answered the survey.

Some of the highlights from the 2024 Salary Survey include:

  • 46% of IT professionals received a salary increase this year.
  • 52% of IT professionals received a bonus last year
  • 60% of IT professionals think they are being paid fairly, 38% believe they are underpaid, and 2% feel they are overpaid.
  • The average monthly salary among respondents working full-time is R63,430, while the average among part-time workers is R31,579.

This compares well to the average salary in South Africa.

The BankservAfrica Take-home Pay Index (BTPI) measured the average nominal take-home pay in South Africa at R15,409 per month at the end of 2023.

BankservAfrica’s index includes approximately 4 million salary earners in South Africa. It is typically higher than the average salary measured by Stats SA.

The average salary is a good measure to see how the overall market is changing, but less useful when benchmarking your salary against your peers, as experience and seniority are not considered.

The data is broken down in the table below by different jobs and levels and should be interpreted as follows:

  • Entry-level — Qualified professional with little relevant experience (10th percentile).
  • Experienced — Professional with relevant experience (25th percentile).
  • Mid-level — Professional with 5–10 years relevant experience (median).
  • Senior — Professional who has progressed to a senior level (75th percentile).
  • High-end — Someone very senior and well-paid (90th percentile).

The results also contain salaries from small businesses to large companies, which can also influence salary levels.

Someone working as part of a large corporation in Gauteng or Cape Town can expect to earn more than someone working as part of a small enterprise in a small town.

South African Tech Salaries
Job Entry-level Experienced Mid-level Senior High-end
C-level executive N/A R80,000.00 R119,000.00 R150,000.00 R231,000.00
Programming and software development R32,900.00 R50,000.00 R79,555.00 R100,000.00 R120,000.00
IT management R26,860.00 R41,000.00 R70,000.00 R100,000.00 R120,000.00
Project management R29,900.00 R47,797.50 R66,833.33 R90,700.00 R107,900.30
Consultant R14,800.00 R33,500.00 R65,000.00 R104,750.00 R125,211.20
Analyst R21,600.00 R33,980.50 R52,250.00 R78,500.00 R108,605.60
Database design and administration R15,140.00 R25,000.00 R51,500.00 R91,500.00 R110,000.00
Security R10,280.00 R20,000.00 R43,000.00 R61,000.00 R87,774.40
Sales and marketing R12,500.00 R27,000.00 R39,500.00 R70,000.00 R101,220.00
Systems administration R17,920.00 R25,000.00 R38,500.00 R60,000.00 R88,400.00
Education, training, research R18,000.00 R23,000.00 R37,750.00 R67,283.50 R91,500.00
Communications and media R12,465.00 R24,375.00 R35,534.00 R93,500.00 R126,974.30
Web development R14,340.00 R24,325.00 R35,500.00 R63,500.00 R79,400.00
Networking R15,900.00 R23,083.33 R35,000.00 R63,723.25 R100,000.00
Design and animation R18,000.00 R19,500.00 R24,750.00 R32,500.00 R64,300.00
Tech support R12,000.00 R17,000.00 R24,500.00 R39,500.00 R60,000.00

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South Africa’s real tech salaries in 2024