McAfee starts blog while evading police

John McAfee has begun writing a blog, which details his life while he hides from police.

The anti-virus software innovator is being pursued by Belize police for questioning regarding the murder of his neighbour.

Since the murder, McAfee has talked to the media and said that his life is in danger if he were to be arrested.

The blog is titled “The Hinterland,” with McAfee saying that he has provided enough content to keep the blog busy for at least a year if he is “captured”.

“If I survive the 30 days [until the government is required to charge an accused criminal], which I doubt very strongly – lots of people do die in prison here from strangling on their own vomit, hanging themselves because they’re too miserable, or getting beaten to death by fellow inmates or a variety of other things – if I do survive the 30 days, then some judge will go, ‘You’re guilty. Period.,” McAfee said in one of his first posts.

Source: WhoisMcAfee

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McAfee starts blog while evading police