Tech companies with happiest customers in South Africa revealed

South African consumers are the second most satisfied in the world, according to the South African Consumer Satisfaction Index (Sacsi), with MTN and Apple appealing most in the ICT space.

Sacsi is a national economic indicator of customer satisfaction in terms of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in South Africa.

The index, which started in South Africa in 2012, forms part of a global consumer satisfaction index, licenced from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (Acsi).

The index is based off of a sample of over 44,200 interviews with South Africans – focusing on 19 industries and 102 brands – whose responses are weighted and presented as an index score out of 100.

According to the index, South Africa is second across all indexed countries for the most satisfied consumers, with a overall satisfaction score of 77.6.

Turkey (78.1) placed top of the list above South Africa, while Indonesia (76.7), the USA (76.3) and the UK (75.8) rounded off the top 5 countries across the globe for customer satisfaction.

South Africa’s Sentiment Index – which tracks general consumer sentiment – is 68.2, pointing to positive sentiment in the country across big brands. A sentiment index under 50 indicates a generally negative view.

“The sentiment index recorded an overall of 68.2 out of 100, indicating that there is room for greater emotional engagement with customers,” said Professor Adré Schreuder, founder and chair of the Sacsi.

“Satisfied customers record a higher level of emotional engagement and commitment. So when customers take to social media platforms to express their feelings about a brand or company, there is a massive opportunity available, provided those brands take the time and trouble to really listen to their customers.”

Top 20 brands for customer satisfaction in SA

# Brand Index score
1 Adidas 91.3
2 Nike 90.0
3 Other athletic shoe brands 88.5
4 Woolworths Retail 88.0
5 Carling Black Label 87.7
6 Puma 87.1
7 Appletiser 86.5
8 Coca Cola 85.8
9 Mercedes Benz 85.1
10 Heineken 85.0
11 Windhoek Lager 84.8
12 Castle Lager 84.7
13 Hansa Pilsner 84.1
14 Caltex 84.0
15 Woolworths Food 83.7
15 Ackermans 83.7
16 Apple 83.4
17 Pep Stores 83.0
18 Pepsi Cola 82.7
19 Truworths 82.4
20 BMW 82.0
20 Edgars 82.0

Most satisfied consumers

According to the index, South Africans are most satisfied with the athletic shoes, retail store and beer brands in the country.

Adidas, with an index score of 91.3 tops the list as the brand with the most satisfied customers, while Nike (90.0) and other athletic shoe brands followed suit.

South Africans love their beer – with the Soweto Pepsi, Carling Black Label (87.7), Heineken (85.0), Windhoek Lager (84.8) and Castle Lager (84.7) all making an appearance in the upper “gold tier” reaches of the index.

The highest rated tech brand for customer satisfaction is Apple’s iPhone, with an index score of 83.4 – while Capitec bank tops the banking sector with an index score of 81.5.


# Rank Bank Index Score
1 23 Capitec 81.5
2 38 FNB 79.5
3 64 Standard Bank 74.4
4 65 Nedbank 74.3
5 79 Absa 72.4

Mobile Handsets

# Rank Brand Index Score
1 16 Apple 83.4
2 41 Other handsets 79.1
3 51 Samsung 77.6
4 55 Nokia 76.8
5 79 BlackBerry 69.4

Mobile operators

When it comes to South Africa’s mobile service providers, MTN – with an index score of 78.9 – beat out Vodacom (77.9), 8ta/Telkom Mobile (76.6) and Cell C (74.6) for customer satisfaction.

When the industry specific index was released in April 2013, Vodacom was tops but has slipped below its biggest local rival.

In terms of retail stores, however, Vodacom (77.0) beat MTN (76.1), Cell C (74.1) and Telkom Direct (69.9).

Altech Autopage fell to the bottom of the index for the telco sector, and placed second last overall, with an index score of 65.2 – while struggling airline, SAA, was stone last with an index score of 63.8.

Service Providers

# Rank Brand Index Score
1 44 MTN 78.9
2 49 Vodacom 77.9
3 56 8ta/Telkom Mobile 76.6
4 62 Cell C 74.6

Telecom Stores

# Rank Brand Index Score
1 53 Vodacom 77.0
2 60 MTN 76.1
3 67 Cell C 74.1
4 77 Telkom Direct 69.9
5 80 Altech Autopage 65.2

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Tech companies with happiest customers in South Africa revealed