“Telkom cheating us out of money”

Many Telkom customers are complaining that their support tickets are closed without their faults being resolved. Some users are now highlighting that their Telkom refunds are negatively affected by this.

According to one user he was told by Telkom that the downtime refunds are calculated based on his last support ticket. This means that the incorrect ticket closures are saving Telkom money.

“When I requested a refund, I was told I could only be refunded on the last fault that was closed, not on the 3 before that which were closed without my line actually being fixed. So by closing faults for no reason, they are saving themselves some cash as well,” the user said.

Telkom confirmed that it was “aware of sporadic complaints from customers that trouble tickets are being closed without the problems having been fixed”.

However, Telkom refused to answer questions about refunds for services which do not work, and how its support ticket system fits into this.

Supplying incorrect stats to Icasa?

Some people speculate that Telkom closes support tickets early to ensure it complies with consumer protection regulations.

The new draft “End User & Subscriber Service Charter” regulations require 90% of fixed line faults to be resolved within 3 days.

By closing support tickets as resolved, even if the faults are not fixed, it will increase Telkom’s success rate of resolving faults within 3 days.

Telkom was asked whether it uses its partly inaccurate fault resolution statistics in their reporting to the regulator. However, the company would not answer this question.

Consumers also to blame, says Telkom

Telkom said that while some support tickets are closed prematurely, not all broadband related problems are on its side.

“It is important to note that broadband related problems reported by the customer are not always related to Telkom’s access line and could be due to problems caused by deregulated Customer Equipment or could be related to their ISP account,” said Telkom.

“Examples of this can be where customers are capped by their ISPs or do not have the correct authentication details in their modems or have a different speed package with the ISP than the ADSL line, the service experience is then often not what the customer expects,” Telkom explained.

“If the customer has logged a trouble ticket with Telkom, we test the customer’s line, if we cannot detect a faulty condition on the line, Telkom will forward an SMS to the customer, prior to ticket closure requesting feedback within 24 hours on the service restoration status.”

“This is an example of the SMS sent to verify QoS: “Telkom ADSL 012998xxxx(ref xxxCTK230414) restored. Reply to this SMS within 24 hours with ‘NO’ if service is still faulty else with ‘YES’”.”

“Telkom responds to all SMS replies with “NO” by reinitiating the trouble ticket, and by the same token, clearing tickets with “YES” or no replies after 24 hours. On closure of the ticket, customers are further advised via SMS of the ticket’s final closure.”

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“Telkom cheating us out of money”