MeeGo is coming

It may be one of the least-cool names for an operating system but MeeGo is lining up to be the next-big-thing on mobile devices.

The Linux-based operating system, created when Intel and Nokia joined their respective Moblin and Maemo OSes, is now in version 1.0 and is starting to gain backing from most big-name players.

Late last month Nokia and Intel announced the first official version of MeeGo (version 1.0). MeeGo is designed for use on small devices such as smartphones, set-top boxes and entertainment systems. 


One of the strongest proponents to date of MeeGo, interestingly, has been Acer which said this week that it had plans to ship MeeGo netbooks and tablets later this year. Acer’s chief executive, Gianfranco Lanci, said during the Computex show in Taiwan this week that “Acer will be ready with MeeGo-based mobile devices”.


Nokia, naturally, is also readying MeeGo-based devices and also said this week that it would ship devices later this year. Nokia’s Meego computing vice president Alberto Torres said, however, that the first MeeGo device from the company would not be an Intel one but an ARM-based device.


Support for MeeGo is not only limited to hardware makers, however, and a number of other big players are coming forward in their support of MeeGo. Among these are Novell which announced this week that it would be releasing a MeeGo version of its Suse Linux operating system for netbooks. The company said that its version of MeeGo would be installed on a range of devices within the next 12 months.


Linpus Linux also announced that it would be releasing a MeeGo version of its Linux operating system for netbooks this week. Linpus Linux is a customised version of Linux used mostly on netbooks such as the Acer Aspire One. The company said that its version would be optimised for Intel’s Atom  platform.


Not to be left out Asus, the company that in many ways started the netbook market, also hinted that it would be releasing devices with MeeGo in the near future. The company has already released a tablet device running Windows but it has also released an Asus-branded AppUp store which suggests that the company may release a MeeGo-based tablet shortly. The AppUp store is an Intel initiative to provide an online application store for its Atom-based processor.

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MeeGo is coming