Nashua Mobile EasiVoice cuts voice rates

Nashua Mobile, a telecommunications service provider, has expanded its product offering with the introduction of EasiVoice.

According to Nashua Mobile, EasiVoice offers a comprehensive range of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) business solutions.

These new managed VOIP products and services will help companies of all sizes to drive down their telecommunications costs by offering them substantial cost-savings on calls to local, international and cellular numbers, said Nashua Mobile.

Said Tim Walter, general manager for product and marketing at Nashua Mobile: “With the uncertainty surrounding the regulation of mobile termination rates in South Africa, the time is ripe for businesses of all sizes to migrate onto VOIP solutions to achieve cost-savings in their telecommunications environments.”

“With VOIP solutions in place, companies will be able to save money on cellular calls, as they did with least-cost routing solutions in the past, as well as achieve significant cost-savings on calls to local and International fixed-line numbers,” said Walter.

“The voice communications account forms a significant chunk of most businesses’ operating costs,” adds Walter. “By adopting VOIP, they can make across-the-board savings on calls to most destinations without needing to make any significant capital outlays.”

Nashua Mobile’s EasiVoice comes in three packages to cater to businesses of different sizes:

  1. For smaller organisations, EasiVoice Business offers five 087 numbers and up to R600 of calls per month, for a monthly subscription of R500 on a 12 month contract.
  2. EasiVoice Enterprise, for mid-sized and larger businesses offers R11,000 worth of calls and twenty 087 numbers for R10,500 a month on a 12 month contract.
  3. EasiVoice Enterprise+, a 24-month contract billed at R10,000 month, includes twenty 087 numbers and the first R11,000 of calls.

In all cases, customers can choose between per-minute and per-second billing, said Nashua Mobile.

Per second billing starts at R0.35 per minute for local Telkom calls, R0.50 for national Telkom calls and R1.35 to cellular numbers.

Calls are billed per minute from R0.29 to local Telkom numbers, R0.41 to national Telkom numbers and R1.10 to cellular numbers. On-net (Nashua Mobile VOIP to Nashua Mobile VOIP) calls are billed at R0.13 for per second billing and R0.08 for per minute billing.

Walter says that VOIP offers businesses a host of benefits in addition to the cost-savings it delivers.

It makes it simpler to provision and move extensions around than it is with an analogue PBX as well as more cost effective and simpler to maintain networking infrastructure.

“We make it easy for companies to procure both mobile and fixed voice as well as data solutions from one company that can present them with a single bill for all these services each month,” said Walter.

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Nashua Mobile EasiVoice cuts voice rates