It wasn’t Telkom, it was me

MyBroadband recently reported that Telkom renewed one of our employee’s contracts without her authorisation, and continued to bill her despite the service being cancelled.

Telkom launched an investigation into the matter, which revealed the problem was on the customer’s side.

The employee had two concurrent contracts, which she was unaware of. After she cancelled the first contract, she continued to be billed for the second contract.

When she then tried to cancel the second contract, she was informed she was still in the contract, which meant penalty fees would be implemented if she cancelled it.

Customer in the wrong

The truth is that the customer was in the wrong and she unfairly blamed Telkom for the problem.

She passed the information to the editorial team, and we reported on the issue – publishing the article before Telkom’s full investigation was complete.

There’s no room to hide or shift blame: we made a mistake, and we apologise to Telkom and our readers.

The lesson to be learnt here is that you must make 100% sure you are not responsible for a problem before you blame it on your operator.

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It wasn’t Telkom, it was me