ICASA publishes number portability findings for South Africa

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has published its Number Portability Findings Report.

Number portability is the process that lets you keep your  phone number when changing from one network operator to another, whether moving between cellular operators, or from a landline provider to a local voice over IP service.

ICASA said that its report comes after extensive consultation with stakeholders, including public hearings and one-on-one engagements.

“Number Portability has benefits to end-users in that it promotes customer choice, encourages competition, and improves quality of service of consumers”, said Peter Zimri, ICASA councillor and chairperson of the committee reviewing number portability.

Some of the key findings in ICASA’s report were:

  • ICASA’s rights to access to information through the Number Portability Company (NPC) for possible dissemination to all stakeholders must be enhanced.
  • A technical committee with industry representatives and effective governance rules must be established. It is an important step to ensure a quicker response to change requirements.
  • The cost per port is generally considered as efficient.
  • Porting times could be reduced. Real-time porting is becoming a standard feature for number portability.

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ICASA publishes number portability findings for South Africa