Open peering with free links to JINX and CINX

Teraco recently announced that they have raised R158 million in a third round of financing which will be used to grow their vendor neutral data centre space in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Teraco currently has 1,200 square meters of data centre (DC) space in Johannesburg and 500 square meters in Cape Town, and is set to launch their new 600 square meter data centre in Durban during August 2011.

Teraco is quickly becoming one of the largest DC providers in  Africa, and all the country’s biggest network operators already have a presence in the Teraco data environments.

Tim Parsonson, Group Chief Executive of Teraco, recently highlighted that Telkom, Neotel, Vodacom, Cell C, MTN, Internet Solutions, DFA, SEACOM, Broadband Infraco, Ensync, iBurst and Altech all have network points in their DCs.

This makes Teraco’s DCs a suitable place to share traffic, and Teraco’s negligible cross connect fees and open peering policy further helps to facilitate peering.

Teraco Partners
Teraco Partners

In October 2009, Teraco announced that that it had become home to an open and public peering facility for network operators in SA country through NAPAfrica.

Initiated by a number of major industry players, NAPAfrica provides for a carrier neutral Layer 2 Internet exchange point (IXP) in the Southern African region, providing high-capacity multi-megabit links (from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet) between the various global and local network operators.

According to the Teraco website, Web Africa, Ensync, XConnect, ECN, Altonet, Gateway, Workonline, netwide and Frogfoot Networks all offer peering through Teraco.

Lex van Wyk
Lex van Wyk

Teraco MD Lex van Wyk highlights that Teraco is not in competition with the Internet Service Providers Association’s (ISPA) Johannesburg (JINX) and Cape Town (CINX) Internet Exchanges, but would rather assist in getting these to grow across multiple sites, as is the case in other international markets.

Van Wyk said that they encourage peering at JINX and CINX, and have built fibre links from their data centers to both JINX and CINX. This fibre connection is currently offered to all of their clients free of charge.

This means that anyone with a network presence in Teraco can exchange traffic at JINX and CINX without incurring traffic costs between their presence in Teraco’s DCs and the ISPA Internet Exchanges.

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Open peering with free links to JINX and CINX