Telkom customer blacklisted after failing to pay cancelled account

Problems with Telkom’s cancellation systems continue to plague customers looking to discontinue their services.

From simple ADSL account cancellations to fibre line migration, Telkom has struggled to deliver cancellations to customers across its product line-up.

Users moving away from the company are frustrated at both the convoluted cancellation process and the lack of assistance from customer support.

While most customers complaining about these issues incurred persistent invoices or battled to contest debit orders, others have suffered more serious consequences.

MyBroadband has received a constant stream of complaints from Telkom customers regarding this issue, with many users waiting longer than six months for their cancellations to be actioned.

Certain users who contacted MyBroadband said they also had Telkom payment defaults listed on their credit records due to “non-payment” of their account while they were attempting to cancel it.

This was confirmed recently by a Telkom customer who contacted MyBroadband about their cancellation problems – outlining a detailed account of the lack of service which culminated in them being blacklisted with the credit bureaus.

Blacklisted by Telkom

The Telkom customer’s problems began in May 2018, when they began the process to cancel their Telkom fibre subscription.

Despite contacting the social media team and customer care via phone and email, the customer could not get their fibre account cancellation processed.

At the end of June 2018, the customer moved residences and did not receive any emails or invoice after moving and filing a cancellation.

In October 2018, the user applied for a credit card from FNB and found that their application was denied because they had been blacklisted with the credit bureaus.

The user reportedly owed Telkom R3,434 despite the company reportedly never sending any emails or SMSs notifying the customer that the cancellation had not been processed.

Telkom responds

To find out why the user was blacklisted, MyBroadband contacted Telkom for feedback on the matter.

Telkom told MyBroadband that it has investigated the problem and determined it was due to an error when transitioning to its new account cancellation system.

“Our investigation found that there was a delay in the notification of the May cancellation made by the customer as we were in the process of transitioning our cancellations processes during that period,” Telkom said.

“The new cancellation process is now operation.”

The company said it would continue to investigate the matter and would provide more details on its findings.

Telkom apologised to the customer for the inconvenience caused by the delay in the processing of the cancellation and has started the process of delisting them from the credit bureau’s blacklist.

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Telkom customer blacklisted after failing to pay cancelled account