Angola Cables launches hub for undersea cables connecting Africa and America

Angola Cables has launched its data centre in Fortaleza, Brazil, opening a South American hub for its undersea cables connecting Africa and the Americas.

The new data centre is the second of the company’s AngoNAP units, the first being in Angola.

Its Fortaleza data centre will have an IT area of ​​three thousand square metres and a total power capacity of 12.5 megavolt-ampere. This capacity will be built in five phases, as space in the data centre is sold.

Angola Cables said the data centre is the result of a partnership between Angola Cables and the government of Ceará, one of Brazil’s 27 states, located in the north-east of the country.

“The objective of this partnership with the municipal government is, in a few years, to make Fortaleza one of the main technological and telecommunications hubs in Brazil,” said Angola Cables CEO António Nunes.

Founded in Luanda, Angola in 2009, Angola Cables is a telecommunications company that specialises in operating submarine fibre optic cables for data and voice services.

With a staff complement of 100 employees, Angola Cables is the result of the Angolan government’s desire to put the country on the map of international telecommunications.

Angola Cables is a consortium formed by the five largest telecommunications operators in Angola, with state-owned Angola Telecom the main shareholder.

Its South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) connects Sangano in Angola to Fortaleza in Brazil, and it launched commercial services in September 2018.

Sangono, in turn, is connected to South Africa via several undersea cables.

Angola Cables also has a stake in the West Atlantic Cable System (WACS), which has landing points in Angola and Yzerfontein in the Western Cape. In addition to landing in 11 African countries, WACS also lands in Las Palmas (Spain), Seixal (Portugal), and Highbridge (UK).

From Fortaleza, Angola Cables offers a route to North America via the MONET consortium cable, in which it has a stake. Other investors include Google, Antel (Uruguay), and Algar Telecom (Brazil).

Angola Cables has access to two of the six fibre pairs on MONET.

Points of presence

Since starting construction on SACS and MONET, Angola Cables has opened points of presence in South Africa and is peering at Teraco’s NAPAfrica Internet exchange points.

Specialist fibre Internet service provider Cool Ideas has already started using capacity on SACS, and traceroutes to Fortaleza in Brazil and Miami in the United States reveal that the cable offers much lower latencies than the alternatives.

On the West Africa Cable System (WACS), pings to Brazil from South Africa measured 223ms. On SACS, traffic between the same locations had a latency of 116ms.

Between South Africa and Miami the latency on WACS is 265ms, while on SACS it is 222ms.

Angola Cables said that the cable will also contribute to reductions in data traffic costs between South America and Africa.

Angola Cables Systems MONET SACS
Length 10,556km 6,500km
Fibre pairs 6 4
Wavelengths per fibre pair 100 100
Capacity per wavelength 100Gbps 100Gbps
Design capacity 60Tbps 40Tbps
Supplier NEC TE SubCom
Finish date Mid-2017 Mid-2018
Ownership Angola Cables Angola Cables
Algar Telecoms
Landing points Santos (Brazil) Fortaleza (Brazil)
Fortaleza (Brazil) Sangano (Angola)
Miami (US)

Angola Cables AngoNAP racks in Fortaleza DC

Jan Vermeulen is a guest of Angola Cables in Fortaleza, Brazil.

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Angola Cables launches hub for undersea cables connecting Africa and America