Using blockchain to filter phone calls

Speaking at the 2019 MyBroadband Cloud Conference, Connection Telecom CEO David Meintjes detailed the impacting of upcoming technologies on traditional networks.

Meintjes said that the old telephone system has declined globally, with only one in four US households having a landline telephone.

He added that in South Africa, the demand for fixed line telephones is falling fast.

“We have seen the decline of the old telephone system,” Meintjes said. “In South Africa, less than 10% of fibre going into houses includes a fibre landline service bundled along with it.”

He added that emerging technologies like blockchain and 5G would have a serious impact on the evolving digital landscape around the world.

“5G promises to improve the experience of voice services, data, latency and more,” Meintjes said.

“Blockchain is an emerging technology which will also have its application in telecoms and ICT.”

He said that the potential applications of blockchain in the telecoms industry includes using a distributed ledger to control number portability, as well as enabling users to block phone calls from certain numbers.

Evolving communication

Connection Telecom offers a number of cloud-based services which facilitate the interaction between consumers and companies.

Meintjes said that customers now spend 5 hours per day on their smartphones and smartphone penetration is increasing globally.

The adoption of new communication platforms is changing the way in which consumers interact with companies, he added.

“Digital customers want to engage with companies via Facebook, mail, and chat,” he said. “76% of customers said if they receive a good customer experience they would buy more.”

This makes it extremely important for companies to deliver powerful and modern channels for user interaction, and this can be facilitated most easily by the use of cloud-based platforms.

Connection Telecom offers a large selection of services – including chat, voice, voice search, and translation channels – through its secure and dynamic cloud platform.

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Using blockchain to filter phone calls