Huawei is committed to South African networks

Huawei has been the target of a US trade ban which could potentially affect its operations around the world, including in South Africa.

The company is an important partner to local mobile operators, and its hardware is used to build out many of their high-speed networks.

Speaking to MyBroadband, mobile operators including Vodacom and MTN said they would continue to evaluate the situation and work with Huawei to ensure continued service.

Rain Mobile offered a stronger stance on the issue, stating that it did not plan to stop using Huawei equipment and adding that US claims that Huawei hardware poses security risks are untrue.

“We do not have any concerns nor do we plan to stop using Huawei equipment while building our network as much as the rest of the world has no plans to,” said Rain.

“Much like us, the European Union has not seen any validity in the claims that Huawei poses any security risks.”

“We remain confident that our network will stay secure.”

Huawei has also spoken to MyBroadband about the potential effects of this ban on its interaction with local networks, stating that it remained heavily committed to the local IT sector.

20 years in South Africa

“Huawei has been working for some time now to mitigate the impact of a potential US ban, this includes our South African operations,” the company said.

It said it had diversified its global supply chain to ensure the continuity and effective management of its business to mitigate the effects of the ban on its operations.

“In South Africa, we will continue to serve all our customers and partners with the same focus and dedication as before, and contribute to the ICT sector with vigour, as the fourth industrial revolution is a key economic focus for growth and social development,” Huawei added.

“We have been in the country for 20 years now and we have worked with dedication and focus to support the needs of our telco partners, this is what has given us opportunities to work with local partners.”

“Our aim is connect every South African wherever they may live, to add value and change lives for the better and to promote the not only sectoral advancement within ICT territory, but cross-sector convergence for social economic development,” Huawei said.

Nobody left behind

Huawei said that it believes connectivity is a human right, and to this end it has developed specific and innovative technologies for Africa to ensure that nobody is left behind.

“Our solutions and technologies are available here today,” Huawei said. “We work with our customers to achieve their goals.”

“Huawei welcomes competition as it ultimately benefits our customers and their subscribers, and increases connectivity which is what our repeatedly stated goal is.”

The company said it supports openness and collaboration, and stated that it would continue to support its South African telecoms customers.

“We will not leave any of our South African telco customers vulnerable in any way,” Huawei South Africa said told MyBroadband.

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Huawei is committed to South African networks