MTN vs Vodacom vs Cell C vs Telkom – The best SIM-only data deals

The high price of mobile data is a common complaint among South Africans, who want networks to make access to mobile internet more affordable.

According to Vodacom CEO Shameel Joosub, one of the main reasons for high data prices is a lack of spectrum allocation by government.

“Lengthy delays in completing the digital migration and allocating 4G spectrum has curbed the pace at which data prices could have fallen,” said Joosub.

Once mobile carriers receive ample spectrum, said Joosub, South African consumers would find relief almost immediately.

Choosing a mobile data package

Given how expensive mobile data can be in South Africa, it is important that you choose the deals that best suit your needs.

There are many factors that come into play, including the amount of data, coverage in your area, and of course pricing.

Mobile networks usually include night-time data on their SIM-only data contracts, which can be useful when scheduling downloads and updates.

We compared the following SIM-only data offerings from Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C:

Below is the pricing of these SIM-only mobile data deals, along with their inclusive bonus data.

SIM-only LTE contract prices
Mobile Network Data amount Price (per month)
MTN 1GB (+1GB Night Express) R69
Vodacom 1GB (+1GB Night Data) R75
Cell C 1GB (+1GB Nite Data) R75.66
Telkom 1GB (+1GB Night Surfer Data) R60
MTN 2GB (+2GB Night Express) R89
Vodacom 2GB (+2GB Night Data) R109
Cell C 2GB (+2GB Nite Data) R99.87
Telkom 2GB (+2GB Night Surfer Data) R100
MTN 3GB (+3GB Night Express) R149
Vodacom 3GB (+3GB Night Data) R169
Cell C 3GB R170.48
Cell C 5GB R200.75
Telkom 5GB (+5GB Night Surfer Data) R200
MTN 10GB (+10GB Night Express) R199
Vodacom 10GB (+10GB Night Data) R249
Vodacom 10GB (+20GB Night Data) R299
Cell C 10GB R301.62
Telkom 10GB (+10GB Night Surfer Data) R355
MTN 20GB (+20GB Night Express) R299
Vodacom 20GB (+40GB Night Data) R399
Cell C 20GB R503.38
Telkom 20GB (+20GB Night Surfer Data) R605
MTN 40GB (+40GB Night Express) R499
Vodacom 30GB (+60GB Night Data) R499
Cell C 30GB R604.25
MTN 60GB (+60GB Night Express) R699
Vodacom 50GB (+100GB Night Data) R599
Cell C 50GB R906.89
Telkom 50GB (+50GB Night Surfer Data) R1315
MTN 100GB (+100GB Night Express) R999
Cell C 100GB (+100GB Nite Data) R1613.03
Telkom 100GB (+100GB Night Surfer Data) R2015

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MTN vs Vodacom vs Cell C vs Telkom – The best SIM-only data deals