Fastest Internet speed tests in SA

In July 2011, 250,746 Internet speed tests were performed from South African IP addresses.

Most of the speed tests were performed from commercial broadband connections (such as ADSL and 3G modems), but technical staff often use to test their core network or trial service speeds.

The latest statistics show that there were eight tests which showed download speeds above 300Mbps.

Six of these eight results had latencies of under 5ms, giving a strong indication that these were core network tests, possibly on the same network as the test server.

In July, the Centre for Advanced Computing logged the four fastest individual speed test results with Vodacom taking the next six spots.

ISP Name Test Server Download Speed (kbps) Upload Speed (kbps) Latency (ms)
Centre for Advanced Computing MTN Business 534870 50087 4
Centre for Advanced Computing MTN Business 488179 50839 3
Centre for Advanced Computing MTN Business 454548 51239 4
Centre for Advanced Computing MTN Business 434890 50471 4
Vodacom Vodacom 399961 153617 1
Vodacom Vodacom 398585 356088 10
Vodacom Vodacom 357706 54102 21
Vodacom Vodacom 331420 140215 4
Vodacom Vodacom 285626 37305 3
Vodacom Vodacom 268118 35870 2

When it comes to highest average speed test results the CSIR – Satellite Applications Centre reigned supreme, followed by Afrihost (DC) and the Foundation for Research Development.

It should be noted that these results are typically based on only a few results where many of the tests may have been conducted from core networks rather than end-user connections.

ISP Name Download Speed (kbps) Upload Speed (kbps)
CSIR – Satellite Applications Centre 472993 216544
Afrihost 180092 157832
Foundation for Research Development 102330 82320
University of the Orange-Free State 78516 26025
First National Bank 71329 62277
University of Pretoria 63735 49645
Rand Afrikaans University 59441 77422
Investec Bank 58274 63503
University of Cape Town 49274 34563
Centre for Advanced Computing 46441 28301
Hetzner 41115 45419

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Fastest Internet speed tests in SA