Telkom billing former clients who cancelled their services

MyBroadband has received complaints from numerous Telkom subscribers about cancellation problems and being billed for services which have been cancelled.

The latest complaints mirror those in 2018, where Telkom customers experienced major problems when attempting to cancel their services.

While Telkom promised to address the problems and streamline its cancellation process, the influx of complaints continued.

Many of the recent problems involved former clients being billed for services which they no longer have.

Business complaint

One of the complaints which MyBroadband received is from a business in Johannesburg which cancelled its Telkom PABX system to move to a Vox VOIP platform in March.

The company’s Managing Director said they thought that porting all their numbers to Vox would trigger an automatic cancellation of the PABX service.

“That’s not how Telkom works. They will continue to send you a bill, even if you don’t have a line with them anymore,” he said.

He then officially cancelled the service on 8 July and received a phone call later where he was told someone would collect the PABX equipment.

This did not happen, and the MD had to use various support channels to remind Telkom of the cancellation and to collect the equipment.

“Finally, on 20 August someone arrived to remove the PABX equipment and gave us a receipt for the collection,” he said.

To his surprise, he received a new Telkom bill on 7 September for the PABX for the month in advance.

“We will have to ask them again to cancel the service and refund the charge. We have also requested our bank manager to put a hold on the stop orders,” he said.

Numerous complaints

This complaint is not unique. Many of Telkom’s business and residential customers are experiencing the same problem.

“I cancelled my Telkom account on 9 April 2019 and received an SMS on 16 April which said the case is resolved,” one user said.

“I received accounts for the following months, but every time I tried to cancel it online, it said a cancellation request has already been logged.”

He said his account is still not closed and he is now receiving letters of demand from Telkom for over R1,000.

Another user said he cancelled his account in March 2018 by going into a Telkom store and filling out a cancellation form.

Despite the fact that the line was cancelled that month, he still received a Telkom bill at the end of the month.

He disputed the bill and Telkom promised to get back to him. This, however, did not happen and Telkom continued to bill him.

“I called and got them to cancel over the phone and put in a second dispute on my account to cancel and sort the account out,” he said.

Since then, the account has been removed from his online profile, but to his surprise, he received a letter of demand from Telkom’s attorneys demanding that he pay R7,517.

“I know many people have gone through this process and I know people that are still having this issue. This is getting to a ridiculous point,” he said.

Cancellation and billing problem

The screenshots below show the cancellation of the service on 8 July, Telkom picking up the equipment on 20 August and the company still being billed for the service on 4 September for the month ahead.

Telkom responds

Telkom told MyBroadband that due to feedback from Telkom customers, it has made many improvements to its cancellation process.

“These changes have been implemented to make the process more efficient for customers,” a Telkom spokesperson said.

“Due to these changes, we continue to see month on month improvements, some of which include a more than 70% decrease in cancellation related escalations compared to the same period last year.”

When asked why customers are still billed after they cancelled a service, Telkom said “customers need to give us a 30-day notice period which means that customers may still receive a bill for those services”.

“Clients may also receive their final bill at the 60-day point, when all services have been reconciled,” the company added.

“In rare instances, the cancellation may not have been processed correctly. Telkom will work with those customers to ensure that all issues are remedied as quickly as possible.”

What to do when you have problems

The Telkom spokesperson said people who have outstanding queries 30 days after they have cancelled their Telkom service should go to .

From here, they must select ‘Cancellations’ in the ‘Department’ field and complete the required information. They will also need to provide a cancellation case/reference/ID number.

“We will get back to you within 3 business days,” Telkom said.

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Telkom billing former clients who cancelled their services