MWEB invites Durban ISPs to peer for free

MWEB today announced the establishment of an MWEB point-of-presence at the Teraco Data Centre in Durban.

MWEB invited other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to peer with them at the data centre on a settlement free basis (open peering).

Rudi Jansen, MWEB CEO, says the company embarked on a policy of open peering last year, whereby ISPs agree to exchange traffic on each other’s networks at no cost.

Since then, it has concluded significant relationships with network operators in both Cape Town and Johannesburg. “It has been a major part of making uncapped Internet access a success in South Africa,” said MWEB.

“ISPs in Durban can now get directly onto the MWEB network at any of Teraco’s facilities. Teraco hosts NAPAfrica, a neutral layer two Internet exchange point in Cape Town and Johannesburg which connects to CINX and JINX,” said MWEB.

“Transit links in South Africa remains very expensive with local lines costing significantly more than international broadband prices. As such, we maintain open peering is a vital step in creating an affordable and efficient local broadband market,” says Jansen.

Rudi Jansen
Rudi Jansen

Peering has reduced local bandwidth costs by doing away with transit fees, leading to lower prices for consumers. MWEB says that their connection at the Teraco Durban Data Centre will also reduce latency as ISPs in Durban can hand over traffic at a closer peering point.

“A faster, better Internet access experience at lower costs, especially for uncapped ADSL customers, is taking South Africa a step closer to ubiquitous broadband,” says Jansen.

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MWEB invites Durban ISPs to peer for free