Leased line prices plummet in SA

Leased line access in South Africa became far more affordable after Telkom Wholesale unveiled their new Diginet and fibre prices.

Businesses can now get access to an entry level Diginet service for around R1,000 per month – down from the previous R5,000 for the same service.

Brad Love, MD at Bandwidth Bar, explains that Telkom’s new pricing model not only offers lower rates, but is also more flexible.

“We can now offer month to month contracts on Diginet,” said Love. “The service has a 1:1 contention on local traffic and 1:4 on international with a 25/75 split on international, 25 % being international but is burstable and uncapped.”

“I believe Diginet now becomes an alternative to ADSL and can also complement ADSL. Diginet would typically be used for your business services like VoIP, VPNs and email while ADSL will be used for Internet access,” said Love.

Love added that the price of fibre access – which offers speeds of between 4Mbps and 30Mbps – also declines significantly in recent months.

The following table provides an overview of some of the retail prices on Diginet access by Bandwidth Bar:

Diginet leased line prices
Speed (kbps) Installation costs Monthly cost
384 R2,535.00 R1,078.13
512 R2,535.00 R1,437.50
768 R2,535.00 R2,156.25
1024 R2,535.00 R2,875.00
1536 R2,535.00 R4,312.50
1984 R2,535.00 R5,570.31

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Leased line prices plummet in SA