Hosting pricing shake up

South Africa’s high bandwidth costs for hosting is one of the main reasons why many local website owners host their websites overseas rather than in the country.  Internationally bandwidth costs associated with hosting are typically negligible making it a popular choice for any relatively popular website.

Things are however starting to change.  Popular web hosting provider Hetzner recently announced that it has reduced the price of bandwidth over-usage by up to 44% – from R0.09 per MB to R0.05 per MB. 

Not to be outdone Afrihost cut the price of its additional traffic usage from R 80 per GB to R 45 per GB.  The hosting provider further upped the monthly traffic quota on its hosting packages and removed the setup fee on its dedicated server offering.

“We have increased the default monthly traffic quota in our packages even though our monthly costs are unchanged.  When it came to our Platinum packages the default threshold has been increased by 1000% from 5 GB to 50 GB,” explains Afrihost CEO Gian Visser.

More good news for consumers is that Web Africa is planning significant savings on its hosting products.  “There will be real cost savings in excess of 50%+ in many cases,” said Web Africa CEO Matthew Tagg.  “This is because we are able to leverage our content and access position to deliver further value.”

Web Africa is in the process of contracting and testing their own network, something which will further help to up their overall value proposition to customers.  “Once we have a more holistic view of the data on our converged network – content – i.e. hosting and access – i.e. ADSL – we’ll be able to see where we can offer good deals,” Tagg concluded.

Web hosting pricing – comments and views

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Hosting pricing shake up