Dark Fibre Africa’s last-mile fibre plans

Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) recently announced the acquisition of last-mile fibre optic company Conduct, but has said in a follow-up e-mail interview that it is not at the point of offering fibre connectivity to consumers.

However, DFA said it foresees that there will be suitable economies of scale in multi-tenant residential environments that could enable a residential fibre-based offering.

“DFA plays a role in potentially building a consumer solution at a passive network layer,” the company said.

“We can therefore only have an impact in one component of the value chain that ultimately the [Internet service provider] will deliver to the consumer.”

Asked whether there are Internet service providers that already offer DFA and Conduct’s fibre services, DFA confirmed that there are, and pointed us to the Conduct website for information on coverage.

According to Conduct, it has completed the following roll-outs: Woodmead, Illovo (Phase 1), Chistlehurston (Phase 1), Rivonia (Phase 1), Rosebank (Phase 1), Hyde Park (Phase 1), Bryanston (Phase 2), and Rivonia (Phase 2).

The following deployments are in progress: Chistlehurston (Phase 2), Rivonia North (Phase 1 and 2), Bryanston (Phase 2 and 3), and Claremont.

Future roll-outs in Illovo and Randburg are planned.

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Dark Fibre Africa’s last-mile fibre plans