Wi-Fi, cellular radiation fears lead to divorce: report

A Cape Town businessman had such difficultly in coping with his wife’s fear of Wi-Fi and cellular radiation that he is divorcing her. This is according to a report on Times Live.

According to the report, the man’s wife, a former businesswoman, claims to “have been partially paralysed by electromagnetic pollution”.

Citing legal documents, the report states that the husband claimed his wife became obsessed with “electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity”.

The man said his wife used “metal foil to deflect cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation”, “[called] neighbours at 2am to tell them to put it [Wi-Fi] off”, and “made their daughter sleep with her head in a box covered in tinfoil”.

The wife confirmed that she had been diagnosed with “electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity”, and claimed that this condition was used against her by her husband.

Fear of Wi-Fi, cellular radiation not new

The fear of Wi-Fi and cellular radiation, and the concept of electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity, is nothing new.

Over the last few years there have been various reports regarding the alleged dangers of electromagnetic radiation. These include: Scorched tree poser for cellphone giant and “Early grave?”.

Many people question the scientific foundation of these reports, arguing that they are devoid of sound evidence and are only used to evoke fear.

In February 2014 new scientific research on the health effects of cellular radiation found that exposure to radiation from mobile phones and base stations will not increase your risk of developing cancer.

In April 2014 the New Zealand Ministry of Health published a report which found that Wi-Fi in schools does not pose a health risk to children or staff.

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Wi-Fi, cellular radiation fears lead to divorce: report