Icasa allows electronic compliance labels in mobile devices

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) announced that it has accepted the Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF) proposal for embedded electronic compliance labels (E-Labelling).

Icasa said that the Labelling Regulations published in a 2013 Government Gazette in 2013, which specifies the labelling requirements for all approved equipment, makes provision for alternatives to physical labels.

“Sections 3(4) of the Regulations provides that in an instance where the equipment suppliers deem it infeasible to affix the physical label on the device, a written request for an alternative method must be submitted to ICASA for assessment,” the regulator said.

It explained that the MMF submitted its industry code, which provides a consistent framework for the use, placement and content of electronic compliance labels (E-Labelling) used within mobile and or wireless communications devices.

E-Labeling provides an electronic representation of a compliance mark that is embedded in the device operating software.

Since the electronic mark is difficult to replicate, and can be easily retrieved from the device settings or by dialing a short code, Icasa confirmed that the MMF industry code complies with its regulations.

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Icasa allows electronic compliance labels in mobile devices