Brilliant South African technology beats international competitors

Poynting Antennas, which is known for developing world-class technologies, has been selected by Norway to serve the country’s rescue services.

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation had a need for accurate weather information in secluded areas, with pilots often forced to turn back when the weather suddenly changed.

To solve the problem, a small weather station was developed to be installed in remote areas.

These weather stations were equipped with 2 to 3 high-end cameras, computers, and various measurement tools, sensors, and electronics.

All data could now be sent over a mobile network via a robust mobile broadband router from Advantech/B+B SmartWorx.

As the weather stations were spread around the mountains and rural areas of Norway, though, there was a need for robust and reliable antennas.

South Africa’s Poynting Antennas was selected for the project.

Each weather station is equipped with the LR77 Libratum 4G router and 1 or 2 antennas.

Depending of the topography and coverage, they use either the XPOL-2 directional antenna or the omnidirectional OMNI-69/OMNI-121 from Poynting.

Using these antennas, data is sent continuously to and from the weather stations.

Air ambulance bases and pilots, police helicopters, and other operators in the air ambulance service now have access to 100 weather stations and cameras around the country.

Each station transmits images of high quality – including at night – and provides information about pressure and temperature.

The information gives pilots a basis for choosing the best route.

XPOL-2 Cross Polarised High-Gain LTE Panel Antenna


OMNI-121 All-Band GSM Omni-Directional Antenna

Omni 121

OMNI-69 All-Band LTE/Cellular Omni-Directional Antenna

Omni 69

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Brilliant South African technology beats international competitors