AlwaysOn Wi-Fi prices vs Mobile data deals

AlwaysOn has cut its prepaid Wi-Fi pricing, with packages starting at R39 for 500MB.

The company said subscribers can expect connection speeds of up to 100Mbps at AlwaysOn Super Wi-Fi locations.

AlwaysOn faces a challenge, however – mobile data products.

Mobile data provides nationwide connectivity, whereas Wi-Fi coverage is limited to specific hotspots.

With mobile data networks now offering data speeds of over 30Mbps across South Africa, AlwaysOn’s pricing is where it can compete.

The fact that AlwaysOn’s prepaid Wi-Fi data expires in 30 days further entrenches it as a direct competitor to mobile data.

Wi-Fi prices

The table below shows how AlwaysOn’s Wi-Fi packages compare with mobile data and other Wi-Fi offerings.

AlwaysOn vs Mobile Data
Company Data Package Price Data Lifetime Price per GB
Cell C LTE 200GB R1,999 12 months R10.00
Cell C LTE 100GB R1,599 12 months R16.00
Cell C LTE 50GB R1,099 12 months R21.98
Cell C LTE 30GB R899 12 months R29.97
AlwaysOn Wi-Fi 10GB R379 1 month R37.90
Cell C LTE 20GB R799 12 months R39.95
Afrihost LTE 3GB R145 1 month R48.33
Afrihost LTE 5GB R247 1 month R49.40
Afrihost LTE 2GB R99 1 month R49.50
Vodacom G-Connect Wi-Fi 2GB R99 1 month R49.50
Afrihost LTE 10GB R497 1 month R49.70
AlwaysOn Wi-Fi 5GB R249 1 month R49.80
AlwaysOn Wi-Fi 3GB R159 1 month R53.00
Afrihost LTE 500MB R29 1 month R58.00
Afrihost LTE 1GB R58 1 month R58.00
AlwaysOn Wi-Fi 2GB R119 1 month R59.50
Cell C LTE 10GB R599 12 months R59.90
AlwaysOn Wi-Fi 1GB R69 1 month R69.00
Vodacom G-Connect Wi-Fi 500MB R39 1 month R78.00
AlwaysOn Wi-Fi 500MB R39 1 month R78.00

AlwaysOn explains

AlwaysOn said its Wi-Fi bundles are valid for 30 days, and should be compared to similar mobile data bundles.

“AlwaysOn Wi-Fi data can only be consumed in an AlwaysOn-enabled Wi-Fi zone, with the benefit to consumers being that they do not have to have a SIM from a specific network,” it said.

“Users can simply purchase AlwaysOn data bundles on an ad hoc basis anywhere they can connect to the AlwaysOn network.”

AlwaysOn said its data prices are significantly cheaper than mobile data providers, and provided the table below to substantiate its argument.

Bundle Size AlwaysOn Vodacom MTN Cell C Telkom
500MB R39 R99 R105 R99 R69
1GB R69 R149 R160 R149 R99
2GB R119 R249 R260 R249 R139
3GB R159 R299 R330 R299 R199
5GB R249 R399 R399 R299
10GB R379 R599 R599

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AlwaysOn Wi-Fi prices vs Mobile data deals