Telkom’s new uncapped LTE deals won’t let you go above 10Mbps – This is why

Telkom unveiled its Big Deal for July 2018 on the first of the month, offering users two uncapped LTE packages.

The fixed-LTE packages come with a Huawei B525 router, and are:

  • Uncapped LTE Business Hours – R599 pm x 24
  • Uncapped LTE All Hours – R899 pm x 24

Telkom said that for the “Business Hours” package, users will receive uncapped LTE services between midnight and 17:00 each day.

The “All Hours” package provides users with uncapped LTE for 24 hours a day.

The packages are available until 31 July 2018, or while stocks last.

Fair usage policy

While uncapped fixed-LTE from Telkom is nothing new, the terms and condition of the July Big Deal did reveal a fresh fair usage policy.

Telkom stated that the following fair usage policy applies to the packages:

  • On the first of each month, customers will receive 150GB of data – at up to 10Mbps speed.
  • Once the 150GB is depleted, an additional 50GB of data is provided – at speeds up to 4Mbps.
  • Once this 50GB/4Mbps bundle has been depleted, the service then provides uncapped data – at up to 2Mbps for the remainder of the month.
  • Peer-to-peer and NNTP type protocols are further speed restricted.

Telkom told MyBroadband this a new fair usage policy for the two uncapped LTE deals.

The speeds above were chosen to provide users with what they typically require, while ensuring all customers have a good experience on the network.

“10Mbps allows for a good streaming experience whilst at the same time protecting radio network resources in order to provide a quality LTE experience for all customers,” said Telkom.

With more South Africans taking up services like Netflix, its requirement for a 5Mbps connection for full HD streaming may have played a role in this determination.

P2P traffic

In terms of peer-to-peer and NNTP protocols on the network, these are treated differently on the All Hours package.

“Regarding the All Hours uncapped LTE product, all P2P/NNTP will be reduced to 128kbps during network peak times – 18:00 to midnight,” said Telkom.

“This traffic will be counted against the 150GB/50GB of data provided,” it added.

The Business Hours package lets P2P/NNTP traffic download at up to 10Mbps during its usage period, as it is assumed customers will use once-off LTE bundles during 18:00 to midnight, said Telkom.

With heavy downloading and usage by a minority of users on an LTE network one of the barriers to offering the service, it appears that Telkom’s new fair usage policy aims to prevent this from slowing down its performance for the majority of customers.

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Telkom’s new uncapped LTE deals won’t let you go above 10Mbps – This is why