Slow Rain LTE speeds – Afrihost customer told to cancel his package

An Afrihost customer who has a Rain LTE package recently contacted MyBroadband to complain about slow download speeds and how his connection was essentially unusable.

He said that the Rain network in Stellenbosch was seemingly too congested to provide satisfactory speeds and stability.

This is not an isolated incident, with many MyBroadband forum users complaining about increased levels of downtime and reduced speeds on the Rain network in recent weeks.

Rain also experienced major downtime in January, followed by a fibre outage which affected customers across the country and all partnered service providers.

After the customer complained to Afrihost that his LTE speeds were slow and none of the conventional solutions – resetting his LTE router and ensuring it is in an area with good reception – resolved the problem, the he was given some bad news.

Cancel your package

He stated that an Afrihost support agent communicated the problem to Rain and received a response which described the issue more specifically.

According to the support agent, the tower which the customer was connected to was highly congested – resulting in slow speeds. Additionally, the site is FDD-only and cannot be migrated to 2,600MHz to improve throughput.

Rain reportedly communicated that nothing could be done to alleviate the congestion.

“Restart device for the possibility of connecting to another site, but if the current service is still unusable please see other services available that would suit the client’s needs,” the feedback stated.

Following this, the Afrihost support agent advised the customer to cancel his Rain LTE package and switch to Cell C’s network to improve his speeds.

MyBroadband reached out to both Rain and Afrihost to determine whether this issue was widespread and to confirm the advice given to the customer.


Afrihost said that the large majority of clients using Rain are enjoying good performance.

“We do receive some congestion complaints, but we work with Rain to resolve these and we are mostly able to find solutions for affected clients.”

However, Afrihost did concede that other solutions are occasionally suggested to improve performance.

“In some outlying cases, we do suggest alternative networks,” Afrihost added.

“We work with Rain to assess all possible fixes, such as latching the client to a different tower or migrating them to the 2,600Hz band.”

“If these options are not successful, we offer the client the option of alternative networks on our Fixed Wireless offering.”

The company believes that most Rain clients are happy with the performance of their product.

“Of those experiencing issues, the majority are able to be resolved with Rain’s network team,” Afrihost said.

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Rain told MyBroadband that it was not suffering from increased congestion on its network.

“The Rain network is certainly not experiencing major congestion – in fact we are seeing excellent average throughput for users,” the company said.

“It may be that in certain areas during peak times throughput will be lower. However, we are working hard to densify our network and continue to make significant improvements as new towers go up in busy areas.”

Rain added that it has not communicated to resellers that users should be moved off the network.

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Slow Rain LTE speeds – Afrihost customer told to cancel his package