Standard Bank launches LTE from R69 per month

Standard Bank launched fixed LTE broadband services for its clients on Wednesday, powered by the MTN network.

“Fixed LTE allows for a data connection without the physical fibre infrastructure but still offers the benefit of a high-speed data connection,” said Lee Ramsden, the head of sales and distribution at Standard Bank Mobile.

“It is important to us that our customers are connected, provided with products that allow them to be digitally enabled, easy to install, and also allow for easy top up and management through our website,” Ramsden said.

Ramsden explained that Standard Bank bases its packaged offers on an amount of data per month, including a router that the bank subsidises.

If a customer runs out of data or needs more, they can buy recurring monthly or top-up bundles online.

Data allocations vary depending on which bank account you hold.

“We are able to offer customers an opportunity to purchase devices for less, to access affordable and even in some cases, free data – simply for banking with us,” Ramsden said.

Only MTN approved devices can be used with the service. These include the Huawei B525, Huawei B612, Huawei B618, and ZTE MF286 routers.

The Standard Bank Fixed LTE service is designed to be used at your home or office or a specific location, and MTN will lock the service to the address for which you placed the order.

You can request that your Standard Bank Fixed LTE be moved to another location up to 2 times per calendar year.

Clients do not need to sign a contract to use Standard Bank’s fixed LTE services, as they are all offered on a month-to-month basis.

All Standard Bank fixed LTE packages are charged pro-rata. If you sign up halfway through the month, you will pay half the monthly fee and receive half the data for the rest of the month.

Standard Bank Fixed LTE will only provide a public dynamic IP address for the fixed LTE service.

The table below summarises the fixed LTE packages available on Standard Bank Mobile.

Standard Bank account Data allocation Monthly fee
MyMo (PAYT) 5GB R69
Consolidator 10GB R89
MyMo (Bundle) 10GB R102.50
Elite 10GB R102.50
Prestige 20GB R112
Professional 20GB R112
Private 30GB R119
Signature 40GB R129
Wealth and Investment 50GB R139
All Standard Bank Mobile Fixed LTE packages include a router. Data allocations are Anytime data. Month-to-month.

Bundle top-ups

The following table summarises the top-up prices for Standard Bank’s fixed LTE deals.

Bundle size Price
Recurring data bundles
20GB recurring bundle R139
50GB recurring bundle R259
100GB recurring bundle R359
250GB recurring bundle R879
Once-off fixed LTE data bundles (valid for 60 days)
5GB once-off (valid for 60 days) R39
10GB once-off (valid for 60 days) R69
20GB once-off (valid for 60 days) R129
50GB once-off (valid for 60 days) R289

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Standard Bank launches LTE from R69 per month