Frequency migration plan for SA

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) announced today (21 August 2012) that it has initiated a project to develop a national Frequency Migration Plan (FMP).

According to ICASA, the process is aimed at addressing frequency migration of radio communications services identified since the first revision of the South African frequency allocation plans (band plans) and migration strategies published in Government Gazette, Notice 759 of 1997.

ICASA said it wants to align all frequency migrations identified during the evolution of the frequency plans and the latest version of National Radio Frequency Plan which were developed based on the final acts of the 2012 World Radio Conference.

This will enable future planning on the allocation of frequencies to radio communications, ICASA said.

“Although the principle of technological neutrality is followed as far as possible, in some bands it may be desirable to specify a uniform technology to ensure spectrum efficiency,” ICASA said. “This may require migration of users using different technologies to a different spectrum location.”

ICASA said that the development of a national Frequency Migration Plan will inform the overall process; principles of implementation of frequency migration, identification of specific frequency bands where migration and re-farming will be applied and the migration of specific frequency bands through specific migration programs.

Stakeholders have until 28 September 2012 to submit their comments on the draft document to ICASA.

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Frequency migration plan for SA