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  1. Load Shedding - the all in one thread
  2. Powercuts
  3. Solar powered charger for Notebooks
  4. Roof insulation.
  5. Power Failure In Kempton Park
  6. Save by using Blackle.com web google search
  7. Eskom: Power Cut Schedules... as RSS!
  8. Electricity usage (and costs) of common household appliances
  9. Eskom and the World Cup
  10. Are we gonna shed the 2010 load?
  11. Power cuts a national emergency: Erwin
  12. SA shutting down!!!
  13. Eskom tells mines to shut down
  14. Eskom cannot take a joke
  15. Eskom bosses paid huge bonuses
  16. 'Quick hit' power plan for SA
  17. Power saving tips for computers
  18. Eskom Management not "bad"
  19. 'Switch off your lights'
  20. Eskom running out of coal?
  21. Very good suggestion regarding power usage
  22. Traffic lights to be converted to solar power
  23. Eskom offers solar power incentives
  24. SA mine halt propels gold, plat
  25. Eskom Announcement :-)
  26. CNN- S.Africa power cuts spark World Cup fears
  27. Jobs at Eskom
  28. Two questions re the Eskom website
  29. Mine power cuts to hurt economy
  30. Eskom nonsense now making world headlines
  31. Government declares war on power wastage
  32. The electricity conspiracy
  33. ANC chose guns over power
  34. Fewer blackouts expected over weekend
  35. Sasol says it will cut demand for power
  36. Power Plans - may as well pack your bags
  37. Eskom, miners in crisis meeting
  38. Guilty! (Power cut headline)
  39. The FIX ESKOM thread
  40. Krag: ergste kom nog
  41. Minister defends Eskom's fat-cat salaries
  42. Biggest culprit the Govt?
  43. Anglo boss on Eskom mission
  44. Carte Blanche on Eskom
  45. ESKOM's act of sabotage
  46. Setting up solar panels
  47. Quotas for homes based on history - Eskom
  48. My Rights: Who Takes the Loss due to Electricity
  49. What do Investors See?
  50. What would happen to SA if the power went out for two weeks?
  51. Fuel shortage
  52. Power Cut : Durbanville : 14h00
  53. FIFA not concerned, yet
  54. How to survive in South Africa!!!!!
  55. Power crisis: Job cuts loom
  56. Eskom Load Shed Dial: A Theory
  57. 'Winding The Meter Backwards'
  58. Email from Anglo Gold Ashanti
  59. How Many Amp Hours on an Everyready PM9
  60. ESKOM not evil
  61. Break Eskom's monopoly
  62. It's the growing economy - Zuma
  63. How many excuses?
  64. All power plants under capacity
  65. Coal miners defend supplies to Eskom
  66. SA Load Shedding Map
  67. Koeberg
  68. Solar Water Heaters: What you need to know
  69. Cape Town - Sewage flows into lagoon
  70. loadalert.co.za
  71. Eskom try to do something right
  72. Eskom - BEE to blame
  73. Mining Resumes
  74. Switch your lights off so guavamint don't have to switch off theirs
  75. The Cape Times reads this forum - CT 2010
  76. Koeberg and loadshedding
  77. Site - Eskomsucks.co.za
  78. Sleep more - Energy Minister
  79. eskom.co.za down
  80. Erwin wants 10% power saving
  81. Mothballed Stations
  82. Stage 2 AND the mines and industry are shorted
  83. One positive aspect of the current energy crisis
  84. Your Monthly Home Electricity Usage
  85. Talk Radio 702 Power Guide
  86. http://www.businesswomen.co.za/
  87. Looks like a-hole Alec is strangling himself
  88. Is Eskom doing an Enron on SA?
  89. Alec Duhwin - 'no reason for heads to roll'.
  90. Load shedding and now this . . .
  91. Where have all the tree huggers gone?
  92. Eskom backtracks on mine deal
  93. Turn your geyser off for 12 hours a day?
  94. Areva, Westinghouse submit bids for Eskom's big nuclear expansion
  95. A list of the 'Awards' Eskom received
  96. Ups shortage?
  97. Government micromanaging power
  98. Gas powered generators
  99. Proposed electricity regulations
  100. Our power problems are over
  101. Cost of Electricity - Increase later this year
  102. Your Guide to Lethal Lightbulbs...
  103. Damn the lights just went out.
  104. What Did You Do When The Lights Went Out?
  105. Eskom wants you to spy on your neighbour
  106. Eskom recruiting pensioners!!
  107. Who's interest is best being served here?
  108. Scott Adams been visiting RSA?
  109. Eskom reportedly running at only 27000MW (capable of 42000MW)
  110. Alex Duhwin on SABC3 atm (7:30pm)
  111. Economy Growth?
  112. Eskom looks to wind for power
  113. Powerline maintenance by helicopter
  114. How long would this last?
  115. Durbanville goes down - an hour early
  116. World’s Largest Wind Turbine (7+ Megawatts)
  117. in need of 20 generators, 6-7kva, NOW!
  118. Gauteng's grand switch-off plan
  119. proposed electricity regulations for comment
  120. How many power stations have being built since the end of Apartheid?
  121. retired guys back at Escom
  122. Eskom loses the plot
  123. PC Eskom
  124. How to save Electricity
  125. Here's the answer to diesel generators - your own private nuclear reactor
  126. winter
  127. China vs Eskom
  128. Vista Sidebar Gadget to monitor Eskom Load Status
  129. Eskom to change name to ANC Private Bank?
  130. Lifts and escalators
  131. Eskom cut off by NIA
  132. Dishwashers
  133. Biofuels make greenhouse gases worse, scientists say
  134. Smartmeters may take a while
  135. Public Comment on regulations
  136. Eskom folding?
  137. [email protected] fails
  138. Electrical gurus: help!
  139. Cape Town Loadshedding documents
  140. Charging laptop, cell etc.
  141. Escom-Getting off the pot
  142. Concern grows over Coega smelter - Rio Tinto CEO doesn't trust ESKOM
  143. Are we in a cool down period for loadshedding.
  144. DIY geyser conversion to solar
  145. How to deal with load shedding web site
  146. Need advice from certified electrician please!
  147. No more loadshedding?
  148. I'm cooking on gas!
  149. Your Stars Foretell : By E.S. Kom (The Future Made Clear - dark, but clear-eish)
  150. What happened to load shedding
  151. Powering South Africa Website
  152. Millions Hit In Southern Florida Power Outage
  153. Predictable power outages planned - Johannesburg
  154. Waves could help power SA - experts
  155. Day One and ESKOM messes up already
  156. Has switching off your geyser saved you money?
  157. Namibia / South Africa
  158. What happened to the guy with the class action against ESKOM?
  159. O/T digression from "Has switching off your geyser saved you money?"
  160. Eskom on massive skills hunt
  161. Something fishy....Eskom
  162. Generators
  163. Free Windows desktop application launched to monitor power cuts
  164. Eskom urged not to pay bonuses
  165. Let's get a power generator solution.
  166. What do we do now?
  167. In current hydro power.
  168. Transporting coal is a problem ?
  169. How efficiently does South Africa use electricity?
  170. Power crisis could last eight years
  171. Eskom starts rationing
  172. Electricity bill
  173. Government buildings leave lights on all night
  174. Eskom Penalty Price Shock
  175. Shock: Load shedding time table accurate
  176. BHP Billiton(Bayside) vs RioTinto Alcan(Koega)
  177. Do you have a heater on?
  178. Winter is coming... Enjoy.
  179. Power off in Humewood PE
  180. Status of power plants
  181. Who is to blame?
  182. Saving Electricity
  183. Eskom Rant (Official Thread)
  184. Finally, some sense
  185. Escom : 9 generators down.
  186. More Eskom lies?
  187. You got to be kidding!
  188. The elephantine mining companies
  189. Compare Eskom to Korea capacity 1994-2005
  190. Electricity needed...
  191. Graaff Reinette Powerstation burnt down.
  192. Cosatu wants Eksdom price fix...
  193. State backs Eskom on tariff increase
  194. Interesting Vid.
  195. Has Eskom run out of money?
  196. No loadshedding today?
  197. Help needed with bill
  198. Geysers ... why make them so hot?
  199. alternative thermal energy creating
  200. Eskom bonuses to blame for electricity crisis
  201. New Cape Town Schedules?
  202. Ripple Relays
  203. Bonus-paying Eskom pulls Aids grant
  204. Gas "Geysers"
  205. Inovative solar heater
  206. Now why does this remind me of a Mafia insurance offer against breakage?
  207. Links to Solar Powered Products
  208. Why bother cutting on power usage?
  209. Please can someone help Eskom?
  210. So are we paying more from tommorrow?
  211. No TV broadcasts from 6pm - 9pm from next month
  212. Eskom vs City Power - Load Schedules
  213. The Power Alert site
  214. Eskom might as well ask me to leave the country
  215. No lights, No bonus!
  216. Eskom wants to pass costs on to consumers
  217. I vow to stop using the euphemism "load shedding"
  218. Charles Kadalie
  219. Power just went off on Humewood PE
  220. Backup Battery/UPS for Garage Door
  221. Estimated wattages
  222. Punitive Power Cuts
  223. To hell with Eskom and back
  224. Help please
  225. Power out
  226. Powerless... :)
  227. Street Lights On In Broad Daylight
  228. Eskom's price-hike details confidential
  229. Inverter Supplier
  230. How many hours a week is your power cut?
  231. Eishkom. Bringing people together.
  232. Street lamps and loadshedding
  233. Load Shedding does not work
  234. Paying for Eskom 'collusion' and BEE associates
  235. Eskom: the plan
  236. Does anyone know how to read the City of Joburg Loadshedding Schedule?
  237. Ministers avoid being accountable for crisis
  238. Those who get loadshed between 6:00 and 10:00 PM at home
  239. BHP Billiton coal price vs electricity
  240. 53% = 70% According to Eskom
  241. Eksdom is recruiting
  242. Eskom's attitude towards the power crises
  243. Cheap Skates Guide to Blackout Survival
  244. Eskom is full of BS!
  245. Inverex Inverters
  246. So how much EXTRA power does one consume after installing an UPS?
  247. Load shedding - no water !!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Does switching your geyser off save electricity - A simple experiment
  249. UPS with switch off feature
  250. Load Shedding reminder for Windows.