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  1. AfriW00t! (was AfriWhoops)
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  4. Afrihost Mobile Delivery Feedback Thread
  5. Afrihost MIFI dongle - advanced settings, and where to get them
  6. More MiFi's, don't let it fly by!
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  8. Afrihost Mobile Feedback Thread
  9. Afrihost + MTN perhaps LTE?
  10. Mifi device questions
  11. Afrihost APN on MTN Post Paid/TopUp Contract
  12. Data allocation for Aug vs. Sept
  13. Included charger with Mifi
  14. Mifi management tools and utilities
  15. Using your Afrihost & Mifi with MDMA for signal STRENG and towerID
  16. Afrihost Sim Swaps - How To?
  17. 086 xxx numbers as Access Points
  18. SMS Spam
  19. So who is going to upgrade to the Mobile 3 10GB?
  20. Can the public order from today?
  21. Two Connectivity Packages One Sim?
  22. What sim did you receive?
  23. Which router
  24. Afrihost Mobile: Still No Delivery!
  25. out going server for afrihost email?
  26. MyBroadband + MiFi's count
  27. Incorrect bandwidth usage displayed in the ClientZone
  28. Help: Can't order Afrihost Mobile using foreign passport
  29. MiFi to Wireless Router
  30. Firmware Update
  31. Smartphone app update to include Mifi? [UPDATED]
  32. Afrihost as 3g Fail-over
  33. SMS notification LED on mifi router
  34. Afrihost Wi Fi
  35. Are the Mobile 3 packages going out yet?
  36. Bad speeds with full signal
  37. Afrihost mobile uncapped
  38. Free GB's for late deliviries
  39. Doesn't it irk you?
  40. Bad spiking and lag (please give info)
  41. Paying in advance?
  42. Incoming connections
  43. Afrihost LTE on MTN APN not working
  44. Received mine this morning!!
  45. Network Settings --> Network --> Preferred mode: --> 3G Only?
  46. Mifi USB Charging Cable
  47. Question about the Mifi device from Afrihost
  48. Huawei E5331 as failover for ASUS DSL-N12U router
  49. Working Huawei K3770
  50. Had the best afternoon using mifi
  51. How about midnight data?
  52. Bad customer support... not happy!!
  53. MiFi won't connect to 3G network
  55. Mobile Top Ups
  57. How? MTN vs Afrihost
  58. Network access not allowed
  59. MTN Tower Issues
  60. Afrihost Mobile free data promotion
  61. Afrihost: Two SIM's for one Mobile Data Package
  62. LTE via Huawei E392-u12
  63. Using MiFi with wired LAN
  64. MiFi (disconnecting/reconnecting - message displayed. )
  65. Change IP address on MiFi?
  66. Skype on Afrihost MiFi
  67. Give me a clue?
  68. The Usage Thread - How much of your cap have you used?
  69. Recieving SMS Spam
  70. Free double data
  71. 1st of the Month, data not working
  72. Help with understanding the Afrihost mobile deal.
  73. Refer a friend ?
  74. Reactivation of a Canceled SIM!
  75. Afrihost??
  76. Afrihost on a Vodacom mifi
  77. No data throughput, but is connected
  78. Huawei E5332 Aerial(Suggestion for Afrihost)
  79. Afrihost mobile - zero throughput 2013-10-06
  80. Which is the best 3g dongle to use
  81. Afrihost?? LTE??? Service??????
  82. Force 3G on the afrihost mifi device?
  83. Afriscam - Do not deal with this company
  84. Voice Calls
  85. A big thank you to Afrihost
  86. Poor gaming experience (dota 2)
  87. Three-for-One & R33
  88. Mifi SIM in Tab 2?
  89. Pause this Service - ClientZone
  90. Advice please want to get shot of Telkom adsl
  91. You have used up all the data on your ADSL account! - Afrihost
  92. [RESOLVED] Afrihost Mifi's wifi not working
  93. Afrihost - Service bad?
  94. 3G Modem Connect software: Afrihost Huawei E5331 MiFi
  95. 3G in Mahikeng & Rustenburg
  96. iPad confirmed to now have MTN LTE service
  97. What hardware does Afrihost offer?
  98. Thank you Afrihost for changing my digital life
  99. MIFI and my old router as a repeater
  100. Afrihost 3g shaped?
  101. 8ta on Afrihost device
  102. SMS's
  103. Anyone been able to play Call of Duty Ghosts online
  104. What's happening to us Mobile 3 users at the end of the month?
  105. LTE provisioning
  106. Hassles with service
  107. Afrihost/myBB 10Gb voucher
  108. Content filtering on AfriHost Mobile
  109. Great answer to my query!
  110. Afrihost: APN SMS
  111. MTN coverage map
  112. Afrihost Mobile Initial Impressions
  113. Afrihost app crashes when data is up
  114. 2-for-1 Mobile Topups [19 Nov 2013]
  115. Afrihost and roaming
  116. Afrihost Devices
  117. Iphone users watch you APN daily!
  118. Cheapest MTN contract for use with Afrihost Mobile
  119. Contract free mobile data
  120. Afrihost Mobile cap reached
  121. [GiveAway] 50% discount codes: MiFi Device!
  122. redirect at 80%
  123. Unlocking of Afrihost Huawei E5331 Wifi 3G Modem
  124. No connection on LTE
  125. Cellular provider advice?
  126. Best way to change acc on mtn sim?
  127. Afrihost Mobile Data donít work on PrePaid sims
  128. MTN extra data sim
  129. Huawei MiFi (Afrihost)
  130. Afrihost Mobile Sim Swop
  131. LTE Coverage in Ballito/Salt Rock
  132. E5331 External Antenna (HACK!!??)
  133. Disconnected by remote?
  134. AfriHost Mobile APN product : Heads up
  135. AfriHost Mobile - Did I charge my bank card 3 times?
  136. Remote access possible on Afrihost Mobile?
  137. Data - Afrihost says I am using much more than I think I do
  138. Afrihost Mifi as Modem
  139. Afrihost passes the buck with 10+ different excuses
  140. Afrihost Service WORST in SA
  141. Capped with data remaining?
  142. I'm sorry Afrihost but this is not good enough!!
  143. Pause service never work!
  144. Afrihost Mobile top up the smart and cheap way.
  145. excellent coverage
  146. Afriman you need to clear up you inbox ... and get a dog :p
  147. Purchased an extra Afrihost Mobile SIM for iPad (500Mb R39 bundle)
  148. Ain't no one got nothing on me!
  149. Afrihost insurance on mobile devices
  150. Afrihost Voucher Codes
  151. 23 Jan 2014 Cannot activate cellular network
  152. wrong APN instructions for Winows 8
  153. afrihost APN down?
  154. Huawei E5776 Modem
  155. Afrihost - PSN issues ?
  156. Afrihost the Beast
  157. USB tethering and mobile hotspot not working
  158. Afrihost Promo Get a 3G MiFi for just R398!
  159. MTN limiting Afrihost APN to EDGE?
  160. Trying to downgrade mobile package
  161. Hardcapped
  162. APN on iPad2 reverted back to MyMTN
  163. Afrihost MTN sim in a blackberry
  164. Mifi signal strengh and setup?? help?
  165. Pathetic, shocking Afrihost service for a SIMPLE task
  166. Afrihost 3G Bundles
  167. Afrihost 3G vs LTE
  168. Connecting Mifi device
  169. Can anybody help?
  170. Afrihost APN LTE possible issue ?
  171. Warning: Ripped off by Afrihost and MTN
  172. Afrihost APN - no LTE problem
  173. Huawei E5331 APN
  174. How to order a new sim via client zone?
  175. Bonding services of 3 SIM cards across one SIM
  176. Viability and sustainability of Afrihost Mobile Ten (10GB+10GB)
  177. afrihost data on prepaid
  178. Can't connect to internet at all with Afrihost SIM/APN if data is depleted
  179. Useless Afrihost service
  180. MiFi faulty - cancelling Afrihost subscription and website site hosting
  181. Afrihost bill you R203 for HelloPeter response
  182. Weirdly high data usage all of sudden (iPhone 5s)
  183. www.discovery.co.za blocked ?
  184. Afrihost support closed down?
  185. How long does account take to deactivate?
  186. How do I trace?
  187. How do I make a Huawei E220 work with a Sitecom WL326 for Afrihost?
  188. Maintenance On Afrihost APN 19 March 2014
  189. Afrihost Mobile SMTP
  190. Afrihost for Gaming?
  191. So signed up with Afrihost and already NOT impressed.
  192. Another successful convert added...
  193. Who is "The NewSprout Support Team"?
  194. 3G newbie questions
  195. Auto topup does not work
  196. Definitely not impressed with Afrihost Mobile
  197. Afrihost Client Zone support
  198. Afrihost Mobile activation and so more
  199. Don't know what my MTN number is
  200. Afrihost Mobile Data Session Size
  201. Client Zone missing data
  202. Cannot connect to Afrihost
  203. Double your data is ending in June/ Anynews afriteam?
  204. Enabling LTE on Afrihost is like....
  205. Inaccurate data capping
  206. Inaccurate Billing and conflicting emails and bad support from AFRIHOST
  207. Mobile Data Giveaway
  208. Afrihost Mifi Initial Setup
  209. Please help an Old Fart !
  210. AfriHost Mobile and Torrents
  211. Slow connection when used in phone only
  212. Any problems in Potchefstroom?
  213. How does Afrihost do it? (Payments)
  214. Considering switching over to Afrihost from CellC
  215. Tried to cancel my Afrihost Data Bundle
  216. Wifi issues with Afrihost SIM
  217. LTE devices out of stock
  218. Failed Afrihost payments
  219. If this is true.... bye bye afrihost
  220. Bad coverage
  221. Zest T1 R1999 with 1gb data each month for 12 months!
  222. Poor/no signal - Western Cape
  223. Any way to try Afrihost before signing up?
  224. Afrihost reducing mobile data bundles for Mobile 2 & 3 for July.
  225. Afrihost mobile broadband speed
  226. Afrihost SIM card sizes for B593 LTE router
  227. What's really going on with this connection?
  228. LTE - cannot get an IP or any throughput
  229. Poor Service from Afrihost
  230. Eish ... CCD Couriers
  231. What happens to out of bundle cap if you upgrade?
  232. Double Mobile data accounts offering closing to new clients from the 1st
  233. Afrihost MTN Sim
  234. Will a Vodafone (Vodacom) Huawei B2000 LTE router work with an Afrihost data sim?
  235. Zest T1 GPS very bad in High Accuracy mode?
  236. Was it the MTN guy?
  237. Afrihost Mobile has lost it's (pricing) sparkle
  238. Afrihost Mobile price changes????
  239. How do I get my sim LTE enabled?
  240. Afrihost LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Device
  241. Afrihost mobile data used up
  242. Lock device to 3G
  243. afrihost sucks
  244. Afrihost Mobile & News Server
  245. Is Afrihost Stealing Data?
  246. Afrihost Huawei E5372 LTE modem not working
  247. Not happy. We love you long time, but we no trust you.
  248. Horrible Performance - Musgrave
  249. MiFi testing?
  250. Huawei E5372 mifi router