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  1. 50 Reasons To Avoid The E-Toll System...
  2. More E-Toll Corruption and Lies Uncovered...
  3. [May 2013..Dec 2013] The Gauteng E-tolling Thread
  4. e-Toll Gantries: How they work
  5. Actual e-toll costs based on compliance...
  6. Assist with the fight against e-toll
  7. What Sanral Don't Want You To Know About E-Tolls...
  8. List of companies involved in e-tolling who should be boycotted
  9. The Gauteng E-tolling Thread
  10. The Gauteng E-tolling Prediction Thread
  11. What Sanral Don't Want You To Know About E-Tolls - The Video...
  12. What Sanral Don't Want You To Know About E-Tolls - Part 2...
  13. Are the e-toll gantries cameras accurate (without e-tag)?
  14. Not all parts of the tolled N1 have gantries
  15. SANRAL's Website Offline
  16. Free sections of the etoll highways
  17. Got my first e-toll handover email, but it wasn't me ;0)
  18. Recieved E-Toll Invoice
  19. Should I pay my E-Toll account?
  20. [BEWARE Terms & Conditions apply] Check e-Toll Account and Pay Online
  21. E-Toll and Travel Allowance/Tax?
  22. eToll facts from JPSA
  23. Forced
  24. Paying eToll - anyone else battle ?
  25. Everyday Life costs because of E-toll
  26. [Madam & Eve] Highway robbery through the ages
  27. Credit act will not relieve e-toll debt: SANRAL
  28. So we received our first invoice...
  29. Differences in amounts charged
  30. Howard Dembovsky vs Vusi Mona on 702 now
  31. Vusi Mona: people must raise their IQs and prostitute themselves...
  32. 3 day 1st Invoice Discount Reminder email
  33. Where does SANRAL get users e-mail addresses?
  34. E-tolls will cause deaths: Emergency Services Body
  35. DA to pass on e-toll complaints to NCC
  36. [News24] DA calls for submission of e-tolls complaints
  37. The E-tolling system graphically explained with all parties represented
  38. Things you may not know about e-tolls - Mac Maharaj
  39. Online Payment for non registered users seems to be back online
  40. Top e-toll collector quits
  41. What to do...?
  42. e-toll Website
  43. Everyone should use the toll road
  44. e-toll protest at oasis, N1 & beyers naude Sat 25th Jan 9:00am
  45. Paying e-tolls without registering with SANRAL as a user
  46. Etag on National Toll roads
  47. Sanral ‘ironing out e-tolls’
  48. Sanral's online security examined
  49. NCC to field E-tolls complaints
  50. Another reason NOT to use etoll
  51. Sanral "survives" another DDoS attack
  52. Another E-toll Win
  53. E-Toll SMS template
  54. SANRAL operating normally
  55. Biological attacks 'cowardly' : JPSA
  56. UK man receives E-toll account
  57. Taxpayers could face big Sanral bailout
  58. What else can I help you with
  59. A nice cloned vehicle surprise
  60. Carte Blanche on E-toll in Gauteng
  61. Another early weekend at ETC?
  62. no videos of etoll protest?
  63. Respect the law, accept e-tolls - Sanral
  64. video of etoll protest
  65. Sanral operations continue
  66. Did you join the protest ?
  67. Sanral accused of collusion on e-tolls
  68. E-toll protests grow
  69. Anyone else receiving SANRAL VPC SMS on their data SIMs?
  70. VPC Account
  71. They tried to make me buy an E-Tag!
  72. Afrikaans vs. English tarrifs
  73. Single transaction invoice received
  74. Sanral employee held for "terrorism"
  75. Who here has an etag?
  76. E-tolls: Sanral happy with compliance
  77. TAG to fight E-tolls
  78. The ridiculous billing amounts thread
  79. Sanral denial of e-toll ‘terrorist’ ridiculous, says Outa
  80. E-toll glitches ‘unacceptable’: Zuma
  81. What E-Tolling should have cost South Africans...
  82. Sanral's being bailed out again. And they're starting phase 2...
  83. Sun-Rail - Protect your number plate from UV rays
  84. SANRAL working on e-toll concerns
  85. I am Zumalus of eToll
  86. Everything you need to know about E-Tolls. The important information...
  87. Frustrating Scamral
  88. Employees to carry their own e-toll can
  89. 45000 registrations a week?
  90. SANRAL denies OUTA e-tag research, claims 66% compliance
  91. Invoice Numbers
  92. Parliament to be briefed on e-tolls
  93. Just received a stack of etoll bills in my post. what should i do.
  94. MPs must look beyond SANRAL input: OUTA
  95. Minister apologises for e-toll billing issues
  96. Missing Etoll transactions
  97. Meet the e-toll guy
  98. E-tolls invoice for Cape farmer's tractor
  99. Postage past the 7 day grace period
  100. Outa calls for e-toll inspection
  101. E-toll action
  102. Credit card payment not showing on balance
  103. Why e-tolling will fail - Outa
  104. e-toll gantry cut down?
  105. Court to hear e-toll case
  106. Etolls: a taxing situation
  107. Is Sanral's Website deliberately slow?
  108. What to do with your e-toll bill? Worried about threats from SANRAL?
  109. DA's Jack Bloom Rips e-Toll Bill
  110. E-toll numbers 'overt lies'
  111. 'Under 500 000 private cars e-tagged'
  112. Disappointed in Colleagues
  113. Western Cape tolls will not be e-tolls: SANRAL
  114. DA loses e-toll court bid
  115. Even the SA Treasury is against etolls
  116. No E-toll court action yet: OUTA
  117. New info
  118. SANRAL collected R250 Million from E-tolls
  119. Just Received a SMS from Sanral
  120. Are MTN & Vodacom selling numbers/ID to SANRAL?
  121. MYBB E-toll rewards
  122. Vehicle licenses renewable with outstanding e-toll bills
  123. E-toll debt at R543 Million
  124. Avoid this number: 011083
  125. Latest SCUMRAL lie
  126. SANRAL not in financial trouble
  127. SANRAL Centre opened in Pretoria
  128. Madonsela’s office will probe Sanral
  129. e toll
  130. Santaco vows not to pay e-tolls till operating licenses are issued
  131. Sanral Compliment On Hello Peter
  132. Quality of Etoll Roads
  133. presenting E-air!
  134. More than 46,000 taxis register for E-tolls
  135. Whackhead
  136. Outa like a rehabilitated smoker: Sanral
  137. Toll tariffs to increase: SANRAL
  138. ANC support drop due to e-tolls: OUTA
  139. My E-toll Dilemma
  140. oh House, yooohoooo
  141. E-tag is optional: SANRAL
  142. KZN to get e-tolls, reveals Sanral
  143. LOL - etolls can suck it
  144. Discounts for settling your account. Desperate much?
  145. Should I pay?
  146. 'Gauteng roadblocks not about E-tolls'
  147. SANRAL defends E-toll numbers
  148. Anyone receive calls from Sanral?
  149. Traffic police not involved in E-tolls
  150. So who has actually paid their etoll account?
  151. Gauteng to 'review' e-tolling
  152. Sanral bond auction fail.
  153. No more colour?
  154. New Anti-E-toll campaign launched
  155. E-toll prosecution process begins
  156. Car Rental Agencies makes profit on E-Tolls
  157. It was bound to happen: Peters Blames Cyber Attacks for E-Toll Billing Problems
  158. Sanral tries to keep Cape toll details secret
  159. R1 Billion in e tolls not paid
  160. E-ZPass phishing mails
  161. E-toll staff cut by 50% - is this true, or just a rumour?
  162. E-tolls only funding option: CESA
  163. Toll project secrecy bid dismissed
  164. E-toll consultations flawed: BBC
  165. Treasury is hypocritical: BUSA
  166. E-Tolls failed: OUTA
  167. COSATU to burn e-tags, bills
  168. The gantry lane change
  169. AA tells Sanral to Back Off
  170. E-toll boycott derails plan for Gautrain passengers
  171. OUTA 'startled' by Peters' insurance comments
  172. OUTA needs this copy writer
  173. How to De-register from E-tolling
  174. DA to protest against E-tolls in Pretoria
  175. No e-tolls: ANC Gauteng
  176. Zuma not angry about e-tolls
  177. DA, EFF make E-toll submissions
  178. Release full record of funds for tolls: DA
  179. No comment on E-toll collusion: ANC
  180. Lessons learnt from tolls: ANC
  181. Urban tolling is a no-no: ANC
  182. Motorists should continue paying E-tolls: ANC
  183. Government hasn't listened to the people: COSATU
  184. No to e.toll
  185. No retrenchments at SANRAL: Mona
  186. Gauteng government made U-turn on E-tolls
  187. DA protests against tolls
  188. Price inflation not an E-toll problem
  189. Panel affects bond auction: SANRAL
  190. 15c between sense and insanity
  191. Suggestions for alternative funding to replace etolls. Lets hear them.
  192. F U Samral
  193. E-tolls review panel debate gets heated
  194. E-toll gantries give inconsistent info
  195. Makhura to receive E-toll report on Sunday
  196. Happy birthday e-tolls!
  197. SANRAL amends Etolls act: Report
  198. etolls being phased out quietly
  199. E-toll report released on Thursday
  200. E-Toll website down?
  201. Randburg man nabbed over E-toll evasion
  202. eToll Android game - TollFree
  203. E-tag vs. accident
  204. Cape Town discloses Sanral’s tolling secrets
  205. Chamber questions R38bn Sanral toll contract hike
  206. Fewer and fewer motorists pay e-tolls - Outa
  207. City slams Sanral extolling Winelands toll benefits
  208. Government to give Sanral R12.5bn
  209. No Licence Disc (Road Tax Disc) Until Outstanding E-Toll Paid!
  210. So, are you joining the dark side?
  211. eToll Gantry Destroyed - Has it begun? [Not Yet]
  212. New e-toll tariffs as bad as the old
  213. Sanral plans to sue construction firms
  214. If you can't afford e-Tolls, you can simply move!
  215. Bill in the post
  216. Your vehicle licence disc cannot be withheld because of e-tolls
  217. SANRAL reacts with fury at banning of its advertisement
  218. Future of E-tolls
  219. BREAKING: Court rules against Sanral on Cape tolls
  220. Researcher in court for 987 charges of e-toll fraud
  221. Minnie drives into e-tolls storm
  222. Celebrity e-toll advert slammed
  223. OUTA urges public to comment on e-toll regulation changes!!!
  224. Calling all mybb internet warriors
  225. E-tolls on the brink of total collapse
  226. E-tolls on the verge of collapsing: report
  227. E-tolls discussed at ANC National General Council
  228. E-tolls will fail no matter what: Outa
  229. Gauteng freeway expansion with more e-tolls delayed
  230. Outstanding e-tolls, no car licence – Sanral tells government to clamp down
  231. E-toll disaster even bigger than initially thought
  232. Massive e-toll discounts are here
  233. Outa launches legal defence campaign to fight your e-toll court case
  234. Sanral-rekeninge dalk onwettig
  235. E-toll cameras are uncertified and illegal: report
  236. E-tolls are legal: Sanral
  237. The letter which proves e-toll cameras are illegal
  238. The Gauteng E-tolling Thread
  239. What the average e-toll user owes Sanral
  240. Users no longer have to accept Sanral’s crazy T&Cs to check their e-toll bill online
  241. Beware registering for e-tolls
  242. Gauteng allocates R123m for e-tolls in 2015
  243. Taxpayers’ money to save e-tolls like rearranging chairs on Titanic
  244. Top E-toll non payer owes R20 million
  245. E-Tolls - How to pay?
  246. Outa lists 5 reasons why e-tolls flopped
  247. Sanral spokesman “out of touch with reality” over e-tolls
  248. E-tolls have officially collapsed: Outa
  249. New Toll Plazas where you can use your e-tag to pay
  250. Let’s get real about e-tolls