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  1. What is your all time favourite movie
  2. Looking for Anime Fans
  3. Miyazaki - "Animation needs the pencil."
  4. Cinema Nouveau: Art House, Independent & Foreign Movies
  5. True Blood ... whos watching it?
  6. Big Bang Theory
  7. Old SA tv series
  8. "A Game of Thrones" discussion thread
  9. Futurama… still dead.
  10. Movie Mini-Review Thread
  11. Documentaries
  12. The Walking Dead [SPOILERS]
  13. Two and a Half Men w/o Charlie ?
  14. Series [Pls do NOT post any spoilers]
  15. TV Series: The Game
  16. Help me remember the series...
  17. Just watched the last episode of Chuck... ever (Possible SPOILERS)
  18. 'Jericho' may be revived for a 3rd season
  19. British series, mini-series and dramas .....
  20. Shia LaBeouf movie to feature real sex
  21. Star Trek: Where To Start?
  22. How To Cook Like Heston
  23. Vikings
  24. Movie Trailers Thread
  25. Hannibal - TV series (there could be spoilers)
  26. The Official Stargate Thread
  27. Come Dine With Me South Africa
  28. Jesse Stone
  29. Banshee - tv series.
  30. Who thinks homeland is the best series ever? {SPOILERS INSIDE}
  31. Ray Donovan
  32. Dexter 8 season final
  33. Breaking Bad - Felina - finale - S05E16
  34. Murder She Wrote to be rebooted
  35. Trevor Noah lands sitcom
  36. A question for Doctor Who fans...
  37. Gravity
  38. Best Remakes you've seen so far...
  39. The "True Detective" Thread (Spoilers... obviously)
  40. Rick and Morty
  41. Starting Doctor Who
  42. Cosmos 2014
  43. My New Video - The Advocate #fourcorners
  44. 'Fantastic Beasts' of Harry Potter universe becomes film trilogy
  45. How I Met Your Mother is over (serious spoilers)
  46. Suburban Bliss
  47. Star Wars: The Despecialized Edition...
  48. Syfy Orders 12 Monkeys TV Series
  49. Schuks! Your Country Needs You... to stop making movies
  50. Anyone watched Naked and Afraid?
  51. Stephen Colbert to Succeed David Letterman on The Late Show
  52. Stephen Colbert to Replace David Letterman on ‘Late Show’
  53. Why People Pirate Game of Thrones, a Global Cost Breakdown
  54. I'm not a fan of TV series.
  55. Any American Horror Story fans out there?
  56. Leslie Nielsen
  57. Pulp Fiction - What's in the Briefcase?
  58. 2001: A Space Odyssey -- The Whole Ending
  59. Which comedy was this
  60. Dicaprio to star in Steve Jobs movie, Danny Boyle to direct
  61. Surprise, Joss Whedon fans: His new film, In Your Eyes, is now available via Vimeo
  62. Monty Python Stage Show to Play in Movie Theaters Worldwide
  63. Hidden Number In Pixar Movies
  64. Breaking Bad
  65. Star Wars movies on demand?
  66. Vikings!!!
  67. Fargo tv series (SPOILERS)
  68. Vikings plot question [SPOILERS]
  69. Star trek airing now on 101
  70. First Images of Batman and Batmobile from Sequel To Man of Steal
  71. Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Reimagined As Psycho Killers
  72. Trailer for new Cameron Diaz movie
  73. Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar
  74. Game of Thrones actors who look different to their characters
  75. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
  76. Just watched the last Mentalist series 6 episode.
  77. Jessica Chastain Offered the Lead in True Detective Season 2
  78. Worst TV shows
  79. History Channel - I THINK NOT
  80. New 'Stargate' film trilogy is happening with original director
  81. 80's TV
  82. Suits - season 4 - will start next week and Thursday.
  83. [email protected]
  84. Orange is the new black
  85. The 100
  86. Silicon Valley
  87. Binnelanders
  88. Series Cancellation OR Renewal 2014
  89. Anybody got Five Graves to Cairo?
  90. 90s Afrikaans Cartoons?
  91. Pawn Stars South Africa
  92. Popular Classic or Cult Movies that you "don't get"!
  93. Why hasn't anyone told me about this show.
  94. Extant (Spoilers)
  95. Law and order
  96. Any of you geeks watch AMC's Halt and Catch Fire?
  97. 12 Monkeys - The Series
  98. Animation movie
  99. YTS (Yify) video and 3D quality rips
  100. Pirates of the Carribbean 5 slated for 2017
  101. Wilfred Spoilers and Theories
  102. Expendables 3 Leaked
  103. First footage from new Mad Max
  104. .... is the movie we most like to watch over and over again
  105. 'Wire' creator David Simon is making a new miniseries
  106. Family Guy - 1301 - The Simpsons Guy
  107. Studio Ghibli announces its closure
  108. Legends
  109. Best series on TV
  110. Cliché lines and scenes you don't see any more
  111. the leftovers. .. ???
  112. guardians of the galaxy thread
  113. Science fiction is dead [TV]
  114. Star Trek: Axanar [KickStarter]
  115. Doctor Who episode list
  116. 'MythBusters' drops hosts Kari Byron, Grant Imahara, Tory Belleci
  117. For those who love to read (A new book Series).
  118. The Strain(spoilers)
  119. Discovery's Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine
  120. TV Programmes
  121. Recommend me classics from the past.
  122. Greatest movie ever made???
  123. Let's talk about Sci-Fi movies
  124. Pitch Black Blu Ray R39 on takealot
  125. Deadpool movie. This test footage just made my day...erm, weekend even!
  126. Movies to show off/test your TV. Recommendations?
  127. </Scorpion> the new TV show. lol.
  128. TV Series - New season starting dates
  129. The Doctor Who Thread - All you need to know to get started...
  130. Series Collection
  131. Anyone seen Of Horses and Men (Hross í oss)?
  132. Classic videogame Tetris to be made into a movie
  134. What a Movie Title!!!
  135. ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival to Air on Showtime in 2016
  136. Pawn Stars SA
  137. Comic book shows on DStv
  138. 'Fury' drives a tank through image of war
  139. Avengers Age of Ultron trailer
  140. European series, mini-series, and dramas
  141. John Wick
  142. Marvel Studios reveals Phase 3 movies
  143. Grumpy Cat Movie
  144. Chappie trailer (Neill Blomkamp, ft. Die Antwoord)
  145. Muvhango trending on Twitter
  146. Mission Impossible 5
  147. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
  148. Interstellar
  149. Warcraft the Movie
  150. 'Big Bang Theory' actress Carol Ann Susi dies
  151. Sons of guns
  152. Great film years...
  153. Correct order to watch Star Wars?
  154. Pawnstars SA
  155. Best 2014 Movie thread
  156. Youtube of your favorite movie scene.
  157. A Journey Through Middle-earth
  158. Prometheus Sequel to Introduce New Alien
  159. The Highlander series reboot
  160. 8 TV Shows Cancelled After Just One Episode
  161. Jurassic World
  162. the biggest comeback in sa tv history
  163. What are some must-see documentaries you recommend?
  164. Avatar II, III & IV
  165. Interstellar Posters (Kevin Dart)
  166. Mass Extinction - Life at the Brink
  167. “Fear The Walking Dead” Companion Series.
  168. Comedy Central on DSTV...
  169. Terminator Genisys
  170. DC Suicide Squad
  171. Latest James Bond movie (Spectre)
  172. Interstellar at IMAX Cape Town
  173. WANDERERS, short science fiction film
  174. Is generations that bad ?
  175. Real-life 'Eye of Sauron' will open up over Moscow skyscraper tower
  176. What are some of the most annoying characters in TV series you've seen?
  177. Upcoming Movies Thread
  178. Tv Series Opening Sequence and Theme Songs
  179. Tinkerbell and the legend of the neverbeast
  180. 30 days free of Crunchyroll Anime and Korean Dorama
  181. Could we see a black James Bond?
  182. Action movies of the 2000s
  183. Best movies of 2014
  184. Neill Blomkamp's Secret Alien Movie Looks So Good We're Furious
  185. BBC Coast Australia!
  186. Marvel's Antman
  187. "Crowd sourced" children program YouTube links?
  188. Location location location
  189. Watching Interstellar in IMAX in Cape Town
  190. Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  191. Oscars 2015
  192. The Culture High
  193. Top Gear S22
  194. Ghostbusters 2016 - reboot
  195. Second hand Blu Ray Movies
  196. What series can you recommend to me. I like ...
  197. I've spent too few years in my youth.
  198. Sweatshop. I can't take it anymore
  199. '24' Might Come Back...Without Jack Bauer
  200. The Theory of Everything, film
  201. Gentlemen, brace yourselves for Grey.
  202. Spider-Man is now a part of Marvel's Cinematic Universe
  203. Upcoming Series 2015/2016
  204. So what did you think of Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie?
  205. District 9 director Neill Blomkamp is helming a new Alien movie after all
  206. The Mentalist is ended.
  207. Whoo Hoo! House Of Cards - Season 3!
  208. The 35th Annual Golden Raspberry (RAZZIE) Awards
  209. American Sniper thoughts?
  210. MacGyver Might Get A Reboot With A Female Lead
  211. Power/Rangers short film
  212. Mr. SPock Dies
  213. MyBroadband Movie Club
  214. Your top action movie(s)
  215. Movie Club Edition One: Vertigo - SPOILERS
  216. Fox's "Empire" sets growth standard
  217. Movie Club Edition Two: Chinatown - SPOILERS
  218. Movie Club Edition Three: Blue Velvet - SPOILERS
  219. Big Brother Mzansi 2015
  220. Star Trek: Discovery
  221. Movie Club Edition Four: Angel Heart - SPOILERS
  222. Avengers Age of Ultron IMAX 3D Pre-Screening Event - Durban
  223. Daredevil (Netflix)
  224. Movie Club Edition Five: Porco Rosso - SPOILERS
  225. Powers 2015 TV series
  226. Movie Club Edition Six: Fargo - SPOILERS
  227. Game of Thrones: Winter came to South Africa at 03:00 this morning
  228. avengers - age of ultron
  229. Big Brother Mzansi Rape allegations
  230. Breaking Bad to Return ~ 2015 ?
  231. OMW!!! Gotham started showing again!!!
  232. Where have all the Great SCI-FI Series gone?
  233. Batman vs Superman movie
  234. Movie Club Edition Seven: The Shining - SPOILERS
  235. Hillbrow Live Sex Shows
  236. I miss Suits ... but check out these bloopers while you're missing it too.
  237. Die Antwoord is planning to make a movie with Charlize Theron
  238. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
  239. Movie Club Edition Eight: Amélie - SPOILERS
  240. Movie Club Edition Suggestions
  241. The Hacker Wars (Documentary)
  242. Series Ending and Starting in May
  243. Game of Thrones now only on M-Net Edge
  244. Movie Club Edition Nine: American History X - SPOILERS
  245. Gotham ... last episode of season one ...
  246. Fast & Furious 7 climbs to fourth in the all time box office chart
  247. Montly list of movies aired on DStv
  248. Movie Club Edition Ten: Metropolis - SPOILERS
  249. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
  250. Rick and Morty doing the Simpsons Couch Gag