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  1. Ask MyBroadband forum
  2. Ask Afrihost CEO Gian Visser anything
  3. Ask Vodacom Innovations Head Jannie van Zyl Anything
  4. How do I create a thread?
  5. Which type of mobile package would suit your needs the best?
  6. How much fixed broadband data do you use at home per month?
  7. How much mobile data do you need per month for your smartphone?
  8. What does Vodacom do well, and where can it improve?
  9. What does Telkom do well, and where can it improve?
  10. What does MTN do well, and where can it improve?
  11. What does Cell C do well, and where can it improve?
  12. What programming language(s) do you think should be taught at school?
  13. Should programming be a compulsory subject in schools?
  14. What is your primary computing device?
  15. What can your ISP do to make you happier?
  16. Do you still use a desktop PC?
  17. Are you concerned about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence?
  18. What broadband connection do you use at home?
  19. When do you think we will we see self-driving cars in South Africa?
  20. How often do you write things by hand?
  21. Would you pay for ad-free websites?
  22. Do you think smartphones will eventually replace DSLR cameras?
  23. Do you think crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are here to stay?
  24. Do you think we’re living in a computer simulation?
  25. How can we improve MyBroadband?
  26. What should be done to improve broadband in South Africa?
  27. Do you think ISPs should help to fight piracy?
  28. Do you think RICA is worth the trouble?
  29. What is your primary source for general news in South Africa?
  30. Is it worth it to do a Computer Science Degree?
  31. Gamer question: PC, Xbox One, or PS4?
  32. What are your must-have gadgets and tech for cycling?
  33. Where do you host your websites, and why?
  34. How do you manage your passwords?
  35. What would you do if you won R20 million in the Lotto?
  36. What is the biggest security vulnerability where you work?
  37. What is the best way to deal with Internet trolls?
  38. Have you tried a standing desk?
  39. Share your tips for keeping happy in your IT job.
  40. Share your spam-fighting tips
  41. What do you wish you knew when you started your first job?
  42. Who is the best website hosting company in South Africa?
  43. What is the most useful browser extension?
  44. How can you stop employees for falling for phishing scams?
  45. What should we do when your data is leaked online?
  46. Ask Accommodation Direct CEO and Webafrica founder Rupert Bryant Anything
  47. What is your view of the new Apple MacBook Pro laptops?
  48. Do you use WhatsApp calling more often than regular cellphone calls?
  49. Do you regularly use a tablet?
  50. Which mobile operator do you think has the best network?
  51. Who do you think will win the 2016 United States presidential election?
  52. Would you like to pick your own DStv channels?
  53. Do you think Eskom CEO Brian Molefe stepping down is a good thing?
  54. PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR - would you buy one of these systems?
  55. Do you use free, open Wi-Fi hotspots at local shopping malls?
  56. Would you invest in Telkom?
  57. Do you think online publishers should block AdBlock users?
  58. The new Apple MacBook Pro gets South African pricing - will it sell?
  59. Is fake news a problem, or should readers become more informed?
  60. Do you get any value from the SABC?
  61. Black Friday in SA - pathetic or awesome?
  62. Which company would you want to work for?
  63. What is the best piece of business advice you've ever received?
  64. Do you still buy and read magazines?
  65. Do you think Cyber Monday tech deals will be better than Black Friday deals?
  66. How do you deal with online trolls?
  67. What career and life advice would you give your 20-year-old self?
  68. If you could pick your DStv channels, which ones would you choose?
  69. Where do you get your best tech deals from?
  70. Who is your favourite forum member?
  71. What are the dumbest/funniest problems you have had to help a user with?
  72. What is your top gadget or piece of tech for 2016?
  73. Which are your top PC brands?
  74. Are you "torrenting" less now that services like Netflix and ShowMax are available?
  75. What are you spending your Christmas bonus on?
  76. Where are the places you receive the worst mobile data and/or call coverage?
  77. What prizes would you like from MyBroadband's competitions?
  78. Do you think online channels like CliffCentral are suited to South Africa?
  79. Amazon Prime Video vs Netflix - which one would you pick?
  80. Is it too late for BlackBerry smartphones?
  81. How often do you use video calling?
  82. What was the biggest tech/telecoms announcement in South Africa in 2016?
  83. Do you know someone who is affected by cellphone tower "radiation"?
  84. Which websites do you visit everyday?
  85. Which skills are becoming obsolete thanks to advancements in technology?
  86. Amazon vs Netflix vs ShowMax
  87. What would you like from MyBroadband in 2017?
  88. Would you invest in the cinema business?
  89. What does Apple need to do to sell more iPhones?
  90. Do comments sections on websites add value?
  91. Where are you putting your money in 2017?
  92. What's the best way to stay private on the web?
  93. Can Nokia return to its glory days?
  94. Which brands do you swear by?
  95. Have you ever tried a diet, and did it work?
  96. How do you store your passwords?
  97. Do you think winning the lottery will ruin your life?
  98. Is it worth it buying a UHD TV?
  99. Which online retailers do you trust for high-quality service and good prices?
  100. Which jobs/tasks are the best to outsource, and which ones should you do yourself?
  101. Which Internet browser do you use and why?
  102. Best movies for certain situations
  103. Windows PC vs Apple MacBook Pro
  104. Is it worth it having medical aid in SA?
  105. Do you own or use a printer?
  106. Is a basic income a good idea for South Africa?
  107. How many hours of sleep do you need per day?
  108. What is the best tech gadget you have ever bought?
  109. What is the worst gadget you have ever bought?
  110. 100Mbps+100GB or 10Mbps+Uncapped?
  111. If you could go back to university/technikon, what would you study?
  112. Who would you want as president of South Africa?
  113. What's the best music to listen to while working?
  114. If you could only pick one device, which one would it be?
  115. Do you have a plan for your "online identity" if you die?
  116. What do you want President Jacob Zuma to say during SONA 2017 tonight?
  117. Valentine's Day Advice - Ask MyBroadband
  118. How long was the longest binge-watching session you have ever undertaken?
  119. Would you give up your car for a self-driving vehicle or passenger drone?
  120. How do you get people to work harder?
  121. Do you still use cassette tapes, CDs, or vinyl records to play music?
  122. What is the most physically-impressive thing you have ever done or can still do?
  123. Do you rent out your home to Airbnb users?
  124. AMD vs Nvidia vs Intel vs Samsung vs Apple
  125. What is the best way to increase tax revenue in South Africa?
  126. Which company gives the best service in South Africa?
  127. What is the best way to party hard and not feel like death the next day?
  128. Do you pay your speeding fines?
  129. Do you own shares on the JSE?
  130. Has the standard of new employees dropped in recent years?
  131. Are you happy with your current bank?
  132. Which movie needs a modern remake?
  133. Would you like to see more South African shows on Netflix and ShowMax?
  134. Which is the best "different" investment to put your money in?
  135. What's the easiest way to win money at a casino?
  136. The best fiction books to read
  137. Would you stop pirating if you were "educated"?
  138. When is it acceptable not to give a tip?
  139. What's the best way to improve Wi-Fi coverage in your home?
  140. Do you think Netflix will kill movie houses?
  141. Which board game would you recommend for a great time?
  142. Best bars and clubs in South Africa
  143. What's the longest you've ever kept a cellphone?
  144. What's the best way to learn how to code?
  145. Whats going on here myBB?
  146. Best burger joint in Johannesburg and Pretoria?
  147. How long does it take you to drive to work?
  148. Have you ever been "lied" to when buying a piece of tech?
  149. Do you still use a Telkom landline to make phone calls?
  150. Which is the best online dating service you have ever used?
  151. Which company is the best for car insurance?
  152. Is there a future in South Africa?
  153. Best burgers in Cape Town
  154. Best Burgers in Port Elizabeth
  155. What's better for smartphone users - contract or prepaid?
  156. Do you own bitcoin?
  157. What's the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
  158. If there were no repercussions, what is the first thing you would do or say?
  159. Do you come to the Ask MyBroadband section every day?
  160. Do you think countries should institute a 4-day work week?
  161. Do you bet on sports online in South Africa?
  162. What are you doing this long weekend?
  163. Which would you rather have - sports, movies, or series?
  164. The best action movie ever made
  165. Do you mainly use cash or card when shopping?
  166. The best spot for a holiday
  167. What should the punishment for drunk driving be?
  168. Do you think companies should show ads or sell user data?
  169. What's the longest you have owned one car?
  170. What's the highest-paying job you know of?
  171. Should South Africa have fewer public holidays?
  172. Which software is pirated the most?
  173. Are you buying a Samsung Galaxy S8?
  174. Which country would you move to?
  175. What's the best flu remedy?
  176. What should the speed limit be on South Africa's freeways?
  177. Should South Africa host another Rugby World Cup?
  178. How would you fix the SABC?
  179. What is the last question you asked Google?
  180. What's the best exercise to get "cut"?
  181. What would you like to be paid in?
  182. Should women receive menstrual leave?
  183. Which laptop brand is the best?
  184. Which laws or regulations should be scrapped?
  185. What age gap is too big for a couple to work?
  186. Which brands will leave South Africa next?
  187. Best fancy restaurants in South Africa
  188. Would you buy second-hand tech?
  189. What's your dream car?
  190. Best keyboard and mouse
  191. Which VPN do you use?
  192. Which company would you like to run?
  193. Which rewards programme is actually worthwhile?
  194. Which TV series should be brought back?
  195. If you are driving 120km/h in the fast lane, should you move over?
  196. Do you think kids should be spanked?
  197. Do you use an iMac?
  198. Which sport did you have the best shot of "going pro" at?
  199. Do you own a domain name?
  200. The best chicken wings
  201. Do you own a smartwatch?
  202. Which IoT devices do you use?
  203. Which browser are you using right now?
  204. Which website/app would you want unlimited access to?
  205. Which email client is the best?
  206. Is being single a disability?
  207. What's the biggest thing you've ever downloaded?
  208. Which video game would you like to be remastered?
  209. Does WhatsApp voice work well for you?
  210. Do you still use a telephone book?
  211. Which local tech personality/executive would you like to hear speak?
  212. Are you on Facebook?
  213. Do you think Wayde van Niekerk is the best sprinter of all time?
  214. Would you live on Mars?
  215. What is the one app everyone should have on their smartphone?
  216. Which TV brand is the best?
  217. Are video games a real sport?
  218. What do you look for when buying a new smartphone?
  219. What is the best series on Showmax or Netflix?
  220. Do you own a smart home speaker?
  221. Do you pay for a music streaming service subscription?
  222. How often do you use Uber?
  223. Do you back up your personal data?
  224. Which South African company has the best customer support?
  225. Do you use two-factor verification to secure your accounts?
  226. Do you use a smartphone payment app like Snapscan or Zapper?
  227. Do you know how to build your own desktop PC?
  228. What is your favourite social media platform?
  229. How many hours do you spend sitting at a computer every day?
  230. How would you solve the problem of internet banking and SIM-swap fraud?
  231. Do you have a capped or uncapped home internet connection?
  232. Do you use a third-party antivirus program?
  233. Do you own a Raspberry Pi?
  234. How much do you spend on mobile data every month?
  235. Bitcoin or Ethereum?
  236. How many computers do you own?
  237. Do you have a call/SMS filtering app on your smartphone?
  238. Do you order takeaways using an app?
  239. Which is the best smartphone voice assistant?
  240. Google Maps vs Apple Maps vs Waze
  241. Would you buy an electric car?
  242. What do you look for when buying a laptop?
  243. Do you own a drone?
  244. Do you send voice notes over WhatsApp?
  245. Do you have an SSD in your work PC?
  246. How often do you upgrade your smartphone?
  247. What is your ideal laptop screen size?
  248. Do you prefer watching movies in 3D or 2D?
  249. Over-ear or on-ear headphones?
  250. Have you ever purchased a product using Bitcoin?