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  28. AFRIHOST, wtf? charging R99 for collection due to your own misleading info?
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  43. Evotel Fibre, but using a different ISP than the ones that they provided
  44. And the winner for worst fibre service is... WEBAFRICA
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  46. C-FIBRE appalling service. Any good Metrofibre providers?
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  49. Cool Ideas OpenServe data only account - ETA 3-4 weeks?
  50. Fiber ISP comparison data.
  51. Switching ISP on Openserve Fibre
  52. [C-Fibre] Throttling Kodi - workarounds?
  53. ISPs for Vodacom fibre
  54. Terrible service from WebAfrica
  55. TT Connect max 100 / 100 line speed
  56. What is the best value for money (ISP wise) on the Vumatel network?
  57. Openserve fibre problems in Gauteng at the moment?
  58. Ping and traceroutes through various ISPs on Vumatel (Cape Town)
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  60. Fibre speed
  61. Slow International Speed On Vumatel Fiber With AH As ISP
  62. In case you're thinking of C-Fiber
  63. Does Cool Ideas actually throttle you?
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  65. Afrihost Router Delivery
  66. Is my Fiber actually ADSL?
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  69. Vox is crooked.
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  71. Which package/price plan?
  72. Why the sudden boom in amount of ISP's?
  73. Comparing ISP networks
  74. Vuma or Telkom? Where to from here?
  75. How to log an Afrihost fault
  76. Axxess Fiber
  77. Afrihost worse than Telkom?
  78. WebAfrica (Web of lies)
  79. SADV: 3 weeks to do WHAT
  80. anyone want this business?
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  82. Twitch Upload speed unstable.
  83. Need advice after migrating from ADSL (Vox ISP) to Fibre (Vox ISP)
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  85. Opticnetworks?
  86. Afrihost for fiber?
  87. Afrihost or Vumatel fiber issue
  88. Upgraded to 100mb fibre at telkom.
  89. Vumatel Fiber working, but D-Link Router not getting IP from Afrihost - Help
  90. Telkom
  91. Afrihost pure internet HELL
  92. Moving Vumatel Raycore CPE to another location
  93. Vox/Frogfoot Outage enters day 3. Don't cancel your ADSL
  94. Replacement Fiber ISP For Streaming
  95. Vodacom Fibre in Complex
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  100. What type of router do you get with Cool Ideas
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  103. Axxess on OpenServe
  104. Gaming Isp
  105. Telkom are lying thieves.
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  108. Wirulink Home Fibre Experience
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  111. Brand new shiny fiber line.
  112. New MWEB Fibre Account
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  115. So Afrihost, please tell me
  116. TT Connect Edenvale
  117. Which ISP? Level-7 or Telkom (considering Home Unlimited plan)?
  118. New Fibre Installation
  119. Visionheirs
  120. Which ISP to pick for Green Point, Cape Town? [Octotel line]
  121. Who do I contact for Layer 2 access using Telkom?
  122. Wifi Router To Fiber ONT
  123. Cell C took over iConnect FTTH clients - Now internet is not available
  124. Help, cannot cancel previous fibre package to install our own
  125. Home Connect FUP
  126. CoolIdeas on Vodacom / Brackenhurst & Brackendowns
  127. TTConnect + Afrihost Fibre. Unable to get IP after router change
  128. WebSquad (www.websquad.co.za)
  129. WebAfrica &Frogfoot behaving unethically!
  130. Seacom Issues
  131. Afrihost and TT Connect - who is to blame?
  132. Firestream anyone use them??
  133. Telkom fibre upgrade
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  135. Changing from MWEB/Openserve to new ISP
  136. Help me get better fibre
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  138. Is it Telkom?
  139. VOX Fibre Feedback
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  141. Vodacom Fibre installation: lies and deceiving
  142. Imagine-isp?
  143. Fair usage policy mweb.
  144. Which Fibre ISP for best Latency / Ping Blizzard gaming on Vumatel?
  145. Which of the fibre ISPs will do repairs over the weekend?
  146. Latency Issues between CPT and JHB
  147. Fibre in Brackendowns
  148. Cool Ideas - NOT cool!!
  149. Anyone on TT Connect 50meg or up, with Afrihost, Vox or Axxess willing to chat ?
  150. Openserve ISP
  151. Packet Loss-MFN
  152. New to FTTH. Which provider Fourways?
  153. TT Connect replaced with another fibre provider
  154. Best router for fibre?
  155. MWEB threshold on FIBRE
  156. Vodacom FTTH - Static IP
  157. Crystalweb blocking Bittorrent traffic?
  158. 200Mb op Openserve
  159. Cybersmart Throttling my router
  160. D&D Networks
  161. Vodacom not allowing other ISPs access in my area
  162. FireStream vs Afrihost
  163. Connection fee - Vumatel
  164. Durban (Openserve) Fibre suggestions
  165. Cool Ideas or Home Connect
  166. [VOX Fibre] Telia Packet Loss
  167. Shaping or some other problem on Openserve (specifically Durban & surrounding areas)?
  168. Advice on fibre choice
  169. Fibre package speed
  170. Crystal Web Upload
  171. SAFibre, Frogfoot, and ISPA membership
  172. Best ISP on Vuma Aerial
  173. ISP Discount thread!
  174. Afrihost , no thanks
  175. Afrihost - blacklisted servers
  176. how do you know which fibre network provider is in your area?
  177. Best ISP on MTN FTTH network
  178. I Cannot Defend Cool Ideas Anymore.
  179. Fiber connectivity
  180. Vox FTTH
  181. Reviews on ISP Rocketnet
  182. Vodacom FTTB
  183. Which ISP to manage Openserve fibre line?
  184. Initio360 or Metrofibre
  185. DFA FTTB Which ISP ?
  186. What is an acceptable speed while been throttled?
  187. Time taken to upgrade from 10Mbps to 20Mbps on OpenServe ?
  188. WebAfrica Gaming is hideous
  189. Crystallweb international performance
  190. Moving Fibre
  191. Useless MWEB fibre speeds
  192. FIBRE ISP's in Midstream ( Midlands Estate )
  193. Home-Connect Fibre Packages. Do you have issues with them?
  194. Cool Ideas fibre options
  195. Mweb vs Telkom Fibre Connection, Shaped speed, upload & download speed, Contention
  196. Moving from Afrihost in Blairgowrie ASAP
  197. Adsl cancellation question
  198. Comtel SA
  199. MWEB activation time
  200. Afrihost/Openserve ballzup
  201. Fredd Fibre Thornhill
  202. Coolideas 100/100 Vumatel trenched high latency to EU/London (CAPE TOWN)
  203. ISP - Blomtuin Bellville area
  204. Port Forwarding: Vumatel and MWEB
  205. Logging into fibre router
  206. Webafrica Openserve Installation fee - be careful
  207. Dstv Explorer Slow
  208. TT Connect Fibre max speeds
  209. Very disappointing performance from cool ideas
  210. Sick and tired of high ping and ISP lying to me!!!!
  211. Which fibre network and ISP in Bedfordview?
  212. Which Fibre ISP to sign up with?
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  214. Free midnight data
  215. WebAfrica's constant escalations for installation to no avail
  216. Confused first time fibre user
  217. Vox/Vumatel Combo (20Mbps, uncapped) - Your experience?
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