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  1. Recruitment


    Recruitment of new staff is always a long and tedious task. How do you know you selected the correct person or how do you know they will be able to do the job?

    You always have the risk of recruiting a new employee and ending up with a person that can either not do the work or might not have been the person they were in the interview.

    Have you done thorough background checks? Have you checked if his/her qualifications are valid? These are just ...
  2. Why do companies outsource their Payroll and Human Resources?

    Many business are outsourcing their payroll and human resources department. But why you might ask? Well they have a very good reason for this and I will go over some of the reasons and benefits of outsourcing a Payroll and Human Resources department.

    Below are five reasons why companies consider outsourcing their payroll and human resources:

    Increased productivity: Instead of doing it yourself you can let a consultant do it for you, allowing you to free up key resources ...
  3. New Business Venture

    Hi everyone

    So I registered my company on MyBB and would like to take some time to introduce Red Pepper Consultants to you all.

    We are an Outsourced Payroll and Human Resources Service provider. We also assist employers with any recruitment needs.

    We finally took the plunge and decide to finally register our company and get it out in the market and assist employers with their HR & Payroll needs. So we have been officially registered at the end of ...

    Updated 24-02-2016 at 09:36 AM by Redpepper

    New Business Venture
  4. Escaping the Rat Race/Eskom/Municipality - Moving to a Plot Part 6

    Picked up one problem : wet clothes doesn't dry out properly indoors. Meh.

    Especially when it's 100% overcast, windy, wet and cold.

    Will have to make a plan with this.
    Going off-grid
  5. Escaping the Rat Race/Eskom/Municipality - Moving to a Plot Part 5

    Our solar setup.

    We are starting simple and small - so as to scale up later as our demand is growing. No good in plonking down R60k (or more) for equipment when you won't use it to its full capacity. have three products available, we currently have the solar ball, it's a great design, and lasts quite long on a single charge.

    Name:  powerball.png
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    Our second unit is an Ellies 4-light unit

    Name:  414_image_1.jpg
Views: 5862
Size:  43.7 KB ...

    Updated 08-04-2015 at 02:14 PM by The_Unbeliever

    Going off-grid
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