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  1. Community Shield - 9th August 2009

    So, herewith starts what will hopefully be my Footy blog for the season 09/10.

    Let it be said up front that I have been a United supporter for 14 years, so this blog will not pretend to be anything but biased. Anyway, here goes.

    Pre-season finally comes to an end with the traditional Charity Shield game- United as league winners vs Chelsea as FA Cup winners.

    All in all, I thought the game was good.United dominated the 1st half. Chelsea looked decidedly ...
  2. More happy days at DARG

    It has been an age since my original post about DARG - the good news is that I have been back there at least once every week since then.

    I have seen many dogs come and go in the interim. My personal favourite, Chaka, and large and strong Staffie cross of some kind finally found a home! It was a bitter sweet moment as I won't ever get to see him again, but I had to remind myself that he has gone to a loving home where he can really be happy, which is great.

    Now that ...
  3. DARG video - check it out!

  4. DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group) - what a great way to spend a few hours

    DARG - Domestic Animal Rescue Group
    Hout Bay, Cape Town

    Entering my final year of an LLB degree, I find myself confronted with the need to do 60 hours of community service in order to graduate. This is something I have been looking forward to for some time. You always want to do something good for some or other charity or worthy cause but typically never 'find the time'. Being 'forced' into these 60 hours is a great way of having to do something good ...

    Updated 05-02-2009 at 08:39 PM by hj2k_x

  5. DSTV - My list of complaints

    As the only satellite TV provider in SA for many years now, DSTV has entrenched their monopoly position, raising prices, ignoring what customers want, and generally becoming universally hated, and justifiably so.

    What has got us all so angry you ask?

    I shall break it down for you. Let me start with the positives, as there are so very few, of having DSTV (note: in general I shall be referring to the 'Premium' option as the various watered down ones are just ridiculous) ...
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