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  1. Bye Bye Fazda

    Returned from my month in the Cape to find that my Fazda had not enjoyed her stay in my humid salty aired garage.

    She started alright, and actually went into reverse in order to get out of the garage, but then decided to start showing her ire at my sudden disappearance.

    The wipers, suddenly refused to park at the bottom of the screen as they found that the top suited them better, the rust that I thought that I had fixed on the bonnet was back with a vengeance, and worst ...
  2. My Darling old Mom

    Joan Cowie 14th August 1920 -20th November 2009

    My mom was born in the tiny little farming area of de Wet in the Western Cape, not far from Worcester – the first of three children born to Lance and Elsa Munro.
    My grandfather was a character of note, and to say that the Munro children grew up in beautiful surroundings would be stretching the truth to the limit. As the children grew up, my grandfather travelled far and wide in search of the perfect job, and the children were ...
  3. Part 7...The End!

    9 pm Riyadh time saw the arrival of the driver, cash in hand, and within another ten minutes, I was accompanying the Indian hotel manager in the back seat of a Taxi, to a part of town that would not usually be visited by tourists!

    The first little trip ended up at an Indian restaurant, where the “contact” arrived and simply told us to follow him. Another trip down alleys and side streets and we were ushered into a room, where I was asked for my money. Once they could see that I had ...
  4. Part 6 of my Saudi adventure..

    End in sight

    When one is having a breakdown for whatever reason, several things seem to happen to time and almost have a direct influence on the way you perceive others, and more than likely, they way that they perceive you.

    TIME became a very slow progression from one minute to the next. Hours felt like days and days felt like weeks, and the people who came in and out of my life appeared to be doing so in an agonisingly slow pace. Waiting to teach a lesson and sitting ...
  5. Driving in Saudi Arabia

    I have just returned from a nightmare month in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, but that is another story altogether!
    What I want to write about is the experience of driving in that part of the world.

    Just for starters, there are no white lines painted on the roads, and although the cars are supposed to travel on the right hand side of the road, either side will do…and when facing oncoming traffic, it is a simple case of playing “chicken” as to who is going to get out of the way first! ...
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