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  1. Coincidence?

    I started teaching in 1976 and had always loved my job, until mid 1996, when my own personal mid life crisis started to kick in, and by the start of the new year, in 1997, I was about to have a massive nervous breakdown, in which I was too scared to even walk into the classroom.

    It all came to a head, the day after my birthday, Monday 27 January 1997, when I simply could not walk into the classroom. I knew what was happening, but had absolutely no control over my feelings or emotions, ...
  2. Austins never run out of petrol

    This is supposed to be top secret information, but I guess I can print it here without much chance of too many people seeing it......I went on a breakfast run in my Austin last September, and all went very well...great day, great breakfast and so on, until I broke down...stopped running...about 2 miles from home. No problem, a tinker here and ther got her running again, and she ran for a whole mile before asking to be relieved at the side of the road...once again, a little breather, and she burst ...
  3. Twist on a Zimbabwe Farm

    The sound of hands beating on drums grows louder, chanting voices chiming in, more insistent, wilder with every minute.

    At the entrance to the driveway, young men stand scowling, inhaling on fat joints. A lone policeman, trembling with fear, hangs back, glancing up and down the road.

    At the corner of the driveway a farm invasion is in full swing. A hundred-strong mob bays against a flimsy wire fence and drunken men with cold, glazed eyes, surround our car with menace. ...
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