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Blog Comments

  1. Fazda's Avatar
    Thanks Stokkies!

    I have always fallen in love with every car that I have bought...even the bad ones, so we'll have to put those down to divorces rather than a fond parting of ways!

    I'm running out of Blog material unless I start talking about my new love affair with the Subaru brand!!


  2. Stokstert's Avatar
    Nice story Fazda, you really fall in love with your wheels, always appreciate a guy who treats them like parts of the family. I enjoy your writings and photos.

    How about a new blog?
    Updated 02-05-2011 at 01:44 PM by Stokstert
  3. Fazda's Avatar
    Thanks very much
  4. Oscar2's Avatar, what an experience.
    You have a good way with words, keep on writing.
  5. Fazda's Avatar
    Thanks Klaus. I certainly started writing the story in an attempt to "get it off my chest".

    Glad you enjoyed the read!
  6. Stokstert's Avatar
    Thanks Fazda for the detailed horror story in a short span of your life. There is definitely nothing like home and I hope by letting us read it, you are relieved of some of the pain you endured.


  7. Fazda's Avatar
    I am sitting cracking my knuckles and thinking, as we speak!
  8. kilobits's Avatar
    Yokay... will try and wait.

    Okay... finished waiting!
  9. Fazda's Avatar
    Thanks..I'll have to get off my backside and start writing again...the whole thing was so traumatic at the time that it is a mission to get past this point!
  10. kilobits's Avatar
    Yes.. Yes... do not stop.
    It is an excellent read indeed.

    Do continue!
  11. Fazda's Avatar
    Thanks very much, I might try and continue now that I have been capped this month!!
  12. Stokstert's Avatar
    Hehe, this reminds me of a day in 1972 when my brothers DKW F12 broke down in Swaziland on a muddy gravel road and I had to tow him back to Pretoria. After a while I got used to the towing and later I completely forgot him behind me as I concentrated on the wet gravel road in front of me. His windscreen was totally covered with mud and he couldn't see anything in front of him. All he could do was "vasbyt".
    He must have felt like you on that day.
  13. Stokstert's Avatar
    Thanks for a nice read. I am waiting for the next part.