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w1z4rd warped myadsl member description

A mad look at myadsl`s mad members.

  1. Rpm

    RPM or ‘Pimp daddy RPM’ is an identified cartel ringleader by Interpol who runs one of the worlds largest underground illegal baby nappy smuggling groups. RPM has several charges against his name that include (but not limited to) “intent to distribute nappies to underage kids” ; “illegal distribution of nappies with non-government regulated water proofing” and most most notoriously… “exposure of a nappy in a public venue”.

    RPM almost got away with the last charge had not being for ...

    Updated 22-01-2008 at 09:50 AM by

  2. Snakepit

    Snakepit was born in the bush…. somewhere…. some how. Even extensive research and with really official sounding commentary, Sir David Attenborough was unable to discover how Snakepit came into existence. It is theorized that he could be the offspring of a romantic meeting between the Lesser Spotted Marmit, and a rather drunk Staffie.

    Unknown biological heritage aside Snakepit soon became a well known figure in the MyADSL community, and the only hiccup I can recall into his assimilation ...
  3. The Librarian

    The Librarian was born in Pangea in the early Triassic period, though his parents remain unidentified. Being wise in the world and having lived through both the Cretaceous period and a Boy Zone concert, The Liberian is well known as a reserved MyADSL poster of few words and lengthy sentences.

    The Librarian currently runs a beauty spa with his current wife (The Dry Cleaner) and is the proud parent of 14 children. The last time The Librarian was seen in public was when he stared in ...

    Updated 10-01-2008 at 10:52 AM by

  4. Skeptik

    Skeptik was born in Tweebuffelsmeteenskootdoodgeskietfontein and is the daughter of a former Russian KGB officer and an Ethiopian nutritionist. From an early it was clear that Skeptik new better than everyone else... no matter how right they were, and our young prodigy quickly earned a name for herself.... were just not sure what it is.

    Skeptik at first was unable to adapt to society, and before she had even left school she was already involved in less savoury activities in the local ...
  5. Bwana

    No one knows where Bwana comes from. Rumour has it that his origins can be found in the county of Essex though after showing little reaction when West Ham United lost a recent match has put this is in doubt, and the theory that associated him with the construction of Stonehenge is gaining popularity.

    Bwana a strong, vocal critic of anything Mac/Apple is the also rumoured to be the mastermind behind the recent attack on Steve Jobs of Apple. Bwana is easy to identify in his night glow ...
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