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  1. Thoughts on the recent Pirate Bay verdict in Sweden

    OK, let me weigh in on this... but most of you know my philosophy!

    1) Yes, we all know that the Pirate in "Pirate Bay" stood for copying copyrighted works. But it is not that simple. The Pirate Bay stands for a philosophy and holds a point of view similar to mine.
    2) Copyright is a necessary evil to allow content creators to enjoy the fruits of their works. But we are against copyright being extended to 70, 90 or 120 years. 50 years is more than enough for a creator ...
  2. Using AutoPatcher to keep your system/s up to date!

    Yes, AuthoPatcher was shut down for a while by Microsoft, but they are back and they now download the updates directly from the MS servers. The good news is you only need to do this once, and you will have a fully working AutoPatcher Folder...

    1) Download the APUP engine file from their website. Unzip it to a folder. (ignore the false virus warnings - the file is quite safe).
  3. How to Download Torrents (International Bandwidth)

    Azureus is a program that downloads BitTorrent Files

    1) Or you can download any one of these Torrent Client Programs... (it doesn't matter which one - I'm using the middle one at the moment)

    2) You might also need the Java RunTime Files... ...

    Updated 22-10-2012 at 09:06 PM by LazyLion

  4. Downloading from the Usenet NNTP News Servers (International Bandwidth/Uncapped)

    There is another way to download lots of cool stuff faster...
    using the UseNet (also called NNTP or News Servers)...
    I like this way because it is MUCH faster (and safer) than Torrents...

    1) You need a UseNet Account. What we also call an NNTP Provider.
    You can get a free one from lots of providers.... Many of them have free trials.
    (Just remember to cancel if you don't want to pay after the free trial. The paid accounts are also quite reasonable.) ...

    Updated 10-06-2012 at 03:10 PM by LazyLion

  5. How to Find International links for use with Local Cap!

    How to Find International links for use with Local Cap!

    1) Install Firefox
    2) Install the Flagfox add-on (it shows you when you are on a South African Site).
    3) Install the Stumbleupon toolbar into Firefox... sign up... choose your preferences... and start stumbling across random sites.
    4) When you see a nice site with the South African Flag, add it to the Local List!

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