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  1. NLP Training

    Founded by Robert Simic, NLP Coaching Company was created with an idea in mind to transform the planet. Many years of seeking for answers, years of studying personal and spiritual development, and personally applying all the knowledge learned has resulted in a fantastic personal growth, emotional freedom and tremendous business success.

    Robert Simic, today internationally acknowledged NLP Trainer, NLP Coach Trainer, Time Line Therapy Trainer, Hypnosis Trainer, has built his strength ...
  2. Neotel Line speeds


    I'm no expect on this so please excuse me.

    I am about to purchase a broadband package from Neotel. The 2.5Gb package.

    The website states:
    High Performance Internet with peak download speeds of up to 2.4Mbps, and average speeds between 300 and 700Kbps. That's 40 times faster than an average dial-up connection.

    Is this true?

    Also what is latency and how will it affect me?

  3. Session #05 NLP Language Filters

    It is said, before Zen, mountains were mountains, and rivers were rivers.
    Once we discover Zen, mountains are no longer mountains, and rivers are no longer rivers.
    And after Zen, mountains are once again mountains, and rivers are once again rivers.

    Language filters are what we use to solve our problems in life with. We have too much data, so we filter that data through language.

    This session is about the L (Linguistic or language part of NLP) and talks ...

    Updated 15-10-2008 at 03:58 PM by nlpmodel (grammer correction & Naming)

  4. Wake up and man up !!!!! - If only...

    Here we go again....

    If you've followed my previous postings, either on the forum and/or a previous blog post, then you would understand the type of forumite I am...


    Rewind about a month...

    Went to a friend's birthday party. She's cool. I met a very nice lady, chatted a while etc.
    Got a distressing call, answered, signal lost.

    Went outside to to find out what's wrong etc. I came back to find that she left the ...
  5. Remakes - Part 2 - The Hobbit

    Some games that should not have been forgotten are lost. History becomes legend. Legend becomes myth. And for twenty-six years, this game passed out of all knowledge (well, almost). Until, when chance came, the game ensnared another remaker.

    Welcome to JRR Tolkien's

    The Hobbit

    The game can be downloaded from