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  1. Uncapped. What to do, and what not to do.

    The recent incident where users of Afrihost's uncapped offerings moaned about being capped, refers.

    First, I view the download of 1Tb of data as abuse of the system, nothing else. You can whitewash it, you can gloss it over, but a download of 1Tb is just too much, and this have a negative impact on honest, regular users.

    Being a packrat gains nothing - you download files which you probably won't be using, or look at.


    In my opinion, ...
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  2. MTN Blog

    scratch that

    Updated 27-03-2010 at 02:52 PM by Voldemort (no!)

  3. Remakes - Part 3 - Atic Atac

    From Atic dark to Cellar dank, in Caverns deep and swampland rank. The garden green spawms hideous life, the outhouse treasure leads to strife Awake...awake...and find the key! For only then wilt thou be free!
    The third remake to be covered, is Atic Atac, a nice shoot-'em-up game.

    In Atic Atac you have to recover three pieces of a key, in order to escape the mansion.

    It do sound easy, but it is not.

    At the start of the game, you ...
  4. South Africa: Civil Defence

    I generated a proposal for civil defense training once (it was rejected although <ahem> it was pretty good in my not so humble opinion). As usual, I looked at what the American’s had. As usual, it was excellent background documentation. The problem with all American material is the implicit assumption that you have unlimited resources and a plethora of skilled warm bodies (and their high salaries) to fling at a project. American material has to be extensively rewritten for the SA environment. ...
  5. CIA – ‘Intelligence’?

    America, more than other nations, requires an on-the-ball external intelligence service. They are isolated geographically from the world and traditionally insular (yet desire to be global cops). They get little input from South America because of their dominant economic position (they penalize what they don’t want to hear) and they have an uneasy relationship with Canada. If they refuse to accept Canadian intelligence, I can see Canada shrugging (they won’t insist). The USA relies exclusively on ...