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  1. Online Privacy: Do Not Track

    See where your data goes before you click

    an image from the Future of Privacy Forum

    I know we see it mentioned all the time, the "You are being watched", "Careful what you share" but most of the places do not cover what you could do to prevent this or what the new DNT (Do not Track) protocols cover. As we know one of the best solutions is to always browse in Private mode, but that is not the most user friendly ...

    Updated 26-03-2012 at 12:09 PM by Elimentals

  2. New to Android (What apps to look at)

    I could not decide to blog this or create a thread so here goes

    I see there are a lot of new Android users around so I created a list of "Must Have" applications for your new phone, but seeing that people differ on what app they like/use I decided to add the options under each one. I have placed a * under the ones I am personally using so take that as a recommendation that it was worth using them.

    1. Security
    I would highly recommend you get one of ...

    Updated 01-01-2012 at 07:48 PM by Elimentals

    Android General
  3. Quitting smoking tomorrow

    I guess on myBB you find everything. Decided to quit smoking and I am finishing my first fortnight today. Tomorrow is another day. For some reason, this post has been the most helpful today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Myrrdin View Post
    The biggest shock when you quit smoking is finding out what fast food really tastes like.

    Now be honest. If you ran RJR-Nabisco, wouldn't you be tempted to slip a little nicotine
    Tags: quit smoking
  4. Aftermath XHD

    Price: R50
    Download: Android Market
    Size: apk file 22.09 MB
    Installed: 22.09 MB Can be moved to SD
    Data: N/A
    Review: Pocketgamer
    Gameplay: Video

    Great on Phone as well as Tablet even better on Xperia Play

    Singleplayer: Easy to start hard to master, you basic game play is to direct the flashlight on zombies(It auto shoots ...

    Updated 16-11-2011 at 11:39 AM by Elimentals

    Android Games
  5. The Real "ALL 3G NETWORK" speed test (20 June 2011)

    Since I have been doing speed-test on all networks,hey why not blog this research lol


    VODACOM -79dBm
    CELL C -79dBm
    MTN-SA -93dBm
    8.ta (Actual Telkom 3G Network) -87dBm




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