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  1. Google's Chromium Project

    Hi guys.

    It has been a while since I put some ideas to paper so to speak and chat a little about Google and their Chromium OS.

    I have done a little bit of reading about the OS and came up with some interesting facts. First of all Chromium is based on Linux - to be precise Ubuntu Linux of Mark Shuttleworth fame. Not be confused with Android which was built from the ground up, Chromium OS is designed primarily for laptops due to its low power consumption properties. ...
  2. I Need To Build Bigger Muscles and have more ripped muscle Definition

    Hi there. Can anyone help me?
    I am 25years old, weigh 85kgs and am 170cm(5ft7inches) tall.I need advice on 3topics

    Muscle Building(Weight Training) and Ripped Definition.
    I recently took up Mauy Thai Martial Arts as a form of exercise but i've realised that the guys there are built a lot bigger and have ripped muscles(chest,arms,abd and thighs) im pretty sure they are doing weight training as well i just wanna work on my ABS,chest and arms. can anyone ...
    Tags: diet, muscle
  3. Network to programing

    Guys i need help, i have only 5 years in iT networks( MCSE 2003 & MCTS Exchange, active directory, application server, network infrastructure certificates).

    i want to change my career to JAVA developer full time, i am currently working full time Job as a microsoft engineer..and i have registered my BSC computer scie... with Unisa and still on my first year.

    can anyone help me with a way to do a clean switch over of my career without going down interms of salary ...
  4. SEACOM dumbing it down for us

    SEACOM’s recent downtime created a furore, once again, online.

    People were slightly less vitriolic but very irate and understandably seeking an answer.

    SEACOM’s answer to the problem? Twitter.

    SEACOM decided by some misguided piece of advice that the premier platform, offering a whole 160 characters, was Twitter. This company with serious shareholders and countries relying on their uptime deemed Twitter to be the place to announce that their cable ...

    Updated 10-12-2010 at 09:07 AM by Cara

  5. The life and timesssss of Mr Sssssssnakepit!

    This is a blog about my thoughts, hopes, wishes, things i do on a daily basis.
    A diary of sorts that il keep updating- been thinking about this concept for a while now, would like to checkout just how boring my life really is and identify the parts i can work on, you can read, or even comment on the day i had, i welcome all interaction- if there is none i just carry on with my blog nonetheless
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